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Best Pet Birds for Children

pet bird for children

If you’re trying to find the best pet birds for children, you might have a hard time making a decision. This post should clear up some of the confusion for you.

When it comes to choosing a pet, there are many options. However, not all animals are suitable for children.

When looking for the perfect companion animal, consider what you want in your new friend and then do some research to determine which species would be best suited for your family situation.

In this article, we will discuss the best bird species for children so that your next household member can be just as amazing as you’ve always dreamed of!

12 Best Birds for Children

pet birds for children

1. Parakeets

Read just about any round-up review of the best birds you can raise. Be it birds that are easy to care for, inexpensive, friendly, or just about any other positive attribute you can think of.

Parakeets will almost always be at the top of the list.

These winners are tiny, colorful little birds who provide a boatload of fun for aspiring young aviculturists. They are easy to handle and tolerate coddling and handling with ease.

They are easy to care for and can be taught plenty of tricks, including how to talk.

As gentle, friendly birds, they bond quickly with their owners. Because of this, they’re great for young owners who want to connect to their pets truly.

Choose a parakeet, or budgie, for your child, and it will quickly become his best friend.

By hand-feeding your parakeets, you’ll find that they bond easily with your children and have sweet personalities.

Of course, parakeets are rather small, so it’s important to teach your children safe bird handling techniques. The average pet lives for around five to ten years, with those fed the healthiest diets of some seed, pellets, leafy greens, and other vegetables tending to live the longest.

Bourke’s Parakeet pet birds for children

2. Bourke’s Parakeet

A bit smaller than a budgie, Bourke’s parakeet is small at under eight inches long. These birds can be flighty, so you will want to work to tame your pet as soon as you bring it home.

It’s quiet and easy to care for aside from regular cleaning, feedings, and wider changes.

You will need a bit of a larger cage to give this pet bird plenty of flying space, but you don’t need to spend a lot of one-on-one time with it.

It has a life expectancy of up to 15 years – something to consider if you don’t want to get stuck caring for the bird when your kid goes to college!

pet birds for children Cockatiel

3. Cockatiels

Cockatiels, like parrots and parakeets, also make spectacular pets for children. They are relatively small, though larger than budgies, but can be taught all kinds of tricks.

You can train your cockatiel how to perform tricks like talking, whistling, and more.

These birds are best for slightly older children and can devote a bit more time to caring for and interacting with them.

They love being out of the cage and need a bit more hands-on time than some other birds on this list.

Because of this, a cockatiel is a good option for the kid who really wants to learn more about caring for birds.

Your cockatiel will need his cage cleaned regularly and be provided with fresh water and a healthy diet daily.

The good news, though, is that cockatiels are easy to find both at your local pet store as well as at shelters and pet rescues, where they are frequently placed up for adoption.

pet bird and children Canary

4. Canary

Canary’s are popular pet bird species for children, too. These animals are perhaps best known for their cloying, melodic singing, but they’re actually quite shy birds that do well around equally quiet children.

They don’t require tons of attention, so they are pretty easy to care for. They thrive in solitude as they are not social birds.

Because of this, they don’t need to be kept with avian companions.

Although canaries aren’t super fond of being handled, they enjoy interacting with their owners from within the safety of their own cages. Just make sure those cages offer plenty of flying room!

pet bird and children finch

5. Finches

In addition to the aforementioned canaries, Finches are some of the most popular pet birds for kids because they are straightforward to care for.

Small in size and quiet in demeanor, finches require minimal interaction yet offer a whole lot of love in return.

Not only that but owning a finch will likely be a relaxing experience for your child.

Finches are interesting to watch and provide plenty of soothing music in soft chattering and chirping.

If you want to raise finches at home with your children successfully, be sure to provide at least one or two other companions to help keep your finches company.

Even if your kid is obsessed with their finches and wants nothing more than to hang out with their pet birds all day.

Finches prefer to have some avian companions for most of the day.

Finches will need to stay in their cages most of the time. If your kids want a pet that can be cuddled and coddled, you might want to pick another species.

Otherwise, finches are great for the not-so-hands-on experience and can be very entertaining pets for your kids, too.

pet bird and children lovebird

6. Lovebirds

Your kids will love raising lovebirds as pets!

These animated birds have tons of personality. While they are best for older children and families with a bit more experience caring for pets.

They are wonderful choices for kids of all interests.

There’s a common misconception that lovebirds have to be kept in pairs. The reality is that you can own just one lovebird and keep it plenty happy with regular attention.

Male lovebirds tend to be tamer and less aggressive than females and are always ready to play!

If you buy lovebirds in pairs, keep the two in separate cages while you let them get acclimated to their new homes.

This will let you bond with each bird separately before they bond with each other.

Lovebirds also make great pet birds for children because they are so easy to tame with the act of hand-feeding alone.

Many people find that they can even train their lovebirds how to talk, do tricks, and sit on their hands.

How fun is that?

pet bird and children Lorikeets

7. Lorikeets

Lorikeets are talkative, fun birds to raise that are easy to tame with hand feeding. They bond with multiple family members and have intelligent, active demeanors.

These birds do like a lot of activity, so providing plenty of toys is key. They aren’t the best option for homes that have other pets since they require your undivided attention.

However, if your family is all about birds and birds alone, lorikeets make perfect pets.

These talkative birds are easy to teach how to talk. They can learn plenty of other tricks, too, so be sure to take the time to do so!

pet birds and children Pacific Parrotlet

8. Pacific Parrotlet

As miniature parrots, Pacific Parrotlets are perfect for families that want all the attractiveness of parrots without all the stress.

These birds are small, generally only about five or six inches long, requiring less space than larger parrots.

You’ll find that they’re a bit more expensive to purchase, but they can live up to twenty years – so the investment will be worth it.

They can be a bit tougher to find at rescues and in pet stores, though, so keep that in mind before you start shopping.

pet birds and children dove

9. Doves

Doves might not be the first birds to come to mind when you’re considering your options for a family pet, but raising doves is more common than you think.

These birds do best in flocks or pairs, so make sure you buy more than one.

Your kids will love raising doves because they are easy to hand feed and tame.

pet bird and children Cockatoo

10. Cockatoo

Choose to raise a cockatoo at home, and you’re sure to grab the attention of anyone who enters your home!

These birds love a lot of attention but command plenty of attention with their unique appearances alone.

Quick to bond with their owners, these birds thrive on human relationships.

If you choose to bring home a cockatoo, be prepared to provide it with at least an hour or so of undivided attention per day.

pet bird for children Conure

11. Conure

Conures are native to South and Central America. These Tropical birds are absolutely breathtaking to behold, and they have long lifespans – up to 20 years!

Be mindful that if you don’t want to get stuck caring for the bird long after your child goes to college.

Otherwise, conures are easy to care for, requiring regular cage cleaning and a healthy diet consisting primarily of leafy greens and pellets.

pet birds and children Meyer’s Parrot

12. Meyer’s Parrot

Meyer’s Parrot is another species to consider if you’re looking for a pet bird to raise.

Many families shy away from parrots because they’ve heard that they can be aggressive and loud, but that’s not the case with Meyer’s Parrot.

In fact, this calm, coolheaded creature loves getting as much attention as possible – and playing!

They occasionally nip and nobble but aren’t known to bite hard, which is a plus for families with small children.

What to Consider Before Bringing a Bird Into Your Family

Before you bring any of the birds listed above into your home, there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself (and all the members of your household) first.

For example, do you really want a bird as a pet, or is it a second pick on a long list of options?

Although birds don’t require quite as much space as cats or dogs, they require just as much care – and it’s more specialized care, too.

Also, will the bird be compatible with every member of your family, especially your other pets and children?

If you have cats and dogs that like to make a spot out of chasing birds outside, a pet bird inside the home is probably not the best choice.

Also, if you have very young children who can be rough or aren’t old enough to understand how to care for a bird properly, you’ll want to think twice about bringing this kind of pet home, too.

Can you afford a bird? Birds require veterinarian visits just like any other kind of pet – and in some areas, veterinarians who specialize in pet birds can be hard to find.

Last but not least, do you and your family members actually have the time to care for a bird? Again, birds require just as much attention and devotion as other kinds of pets.

Cages must be cleaned, food bowls must be refilled, and attention must be given.

If you travel frequently or if the house is empty for more than half the day, you might not have the capacity to care for this kind of animal.


What Are the Best Pet Birds for Children?

While you’ll want to weigh all of the options above carefully when trying to find the best bird species for your family.

Many families find that the best pet bird species for children is the parakeet.

This type of bird can be gentle and playful, making it a great choice to help your kids learn about responsibility while building their social skills and having fun with an adorable companion.

Parakeets are also relatively inexpensive, so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank if something goes wrong or they get sick down the line.

Of course, any of the options listed above should be perfect companions for your family, too.

All that’s left now is to start shopping for all the bird gear you need (including food, a cage, and a few toys) and bring your bird home as soon as possible!

You have memories to make – and there’s no time to waste.

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