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These Are 17 Things Only A Bird Owner Understands

Bird Owner

New to being a bird owner?  Welcome to the club! 

Do you feel like there is something about owning birds that separates you from the rest of the world? Well, it’s probably not just your imagination. There are some things only bird owners understand.

Being a bird owner is a lot of work. You have to clean their cage, feed them, and take care of their needs daily. 

But it’s also gratifying! 

Birds are interesting animals that can provide hours of entertainment just by watching them play or interact with you. There’s something about having this little animal in your life that makes you feel special and important.

Bird Owner

Things Only A Bird Owner Understand

Here are a few things that will make you laugh – but only if you are a bird owner!

1. Poop? It’s No Biggie

Poop – it’s a part of life! And when you’re a bird owner, it’s a regular part of life. A lot of people will freak out if they get pooped on, but not veteran bird owners. Whether it’s on the shoe, on the shoulder, or even on the hand, a bit of poop here or there is no big deal for bird owners – and that’s something only bird owners understand.

2. Bathtime for Two

If you don’t own a bird, then there’s a good chance that your bath or shower time is your time – it’s your time to unwind, to think deeply about the day’s events, or to prepare for the day ahead. It might even be your own karaoke time (hey – no judgment here).

However, if you’re a bird owner, then you probably also relish your shower time as your time to spend with your pet bird.

Most birds, especially parrots, love being soaked with water. Many bird owners will bring their feathered friends right into the bathroom with them when they shower.

Why waste time and extra water (and, of course, money!) by bathing your bird separately? 

Plus, this is a great time for you two to practice your duets!

3. As a Bird Owner, Your Bird is More Well-Fed Than You Are

You probably eat whatever kind of food is on sale at the grocery store – perhaps even if it’s not that great for you. But when it comes to your bird, only the best will do!

You only feed your pet parakeet organic produce, and your parrot only gets pesticide-free, homegrown fruits, and vegetables.

There’s a pretty good chance you even have a separate, dedicated section of your refrigerator just for your bird’s food!

Bird Owner

4. A Bird Owner Prefers the Company of Your Bird

If you think that your pet bird is a better conversationalist than your uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends, you’re probably not alone.

Most bird owners vastly prefer the company of their birds. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Even if you’d rather exchange just a few words or phrases with your pet bird rather than talk politics with your Grandpa Ted.

5. A Bird Owner Knows Their Birds Can Be Nosy 

Pet birds can be nosy, and they can also be noisy. That’s why many pet bird owners will decide to take phone calls in separate rooms from their pet birds – they don’t want to get interrupted!

Birds are curious, and they’ll home in on whatever you’re saying in your conversation, taking the opportunity to laugh at you, mimic you, squawk, squeal, or cry out. 

6. They’re So Interactive

Birds are some of the best animals you can choose as pets because they are so interactive. They’ll talk endlessly, sometimes so much that you’ll want to stop them from talking for a bit so that you can get a little peace!

They’ll chatter about, filling your home with conversation and song, making you feel as though you have a true companion – and not just a feathered pet.

7. “Bring on the Feathers!” Says a Bird Owner

Hopefully, you don’t mind having a few errant feathers in your home! If you are a bird owner, you know that feathers (second only to poop) are just part and parcel of owning a bird. 

Many people collect feathers when they happen to find them lying on the ground at the local park. But bird owners?

We know that we are lucky enough to be gifted with feathers several times per year when our birds molt.

You can keep them and use them in crafts or even hang on to them as keepsakes – but if you decide to sweep them up and toss them out, don’t worry.

You’ll have more feathers before you know it!

8. They Love Being Groomed 

Something else that bird owners know is that if you opened up a salon just for pet birds, you’d probably make a killing.

Pet birds demand a lot of care and attention, and that’s true for their personal appearance, too. They love having their nails and feathers tended to by a professional veterinarian or groomer – it’s like a miniature spa session! 

Of course, you can always groom your pet bird yourself, too. The first step to grooming your bird is bathing them (either with you or on their own).

When bathing your pet bird, it is best to use warm water and dish soap. After a nice, relaxing bath, you can massage his feathers and then trim his nails. A beautiful, happy bird – at your service!

9. A Bird Owner Can Not Hide

Trying to hide from your pet bird is harder than you might think – especially for certain species, like budgies, who can turn their necks 180 degrees any time they see the need.

Plus, most have monocular vision, meaning they can see individually with both eyes. It’s practically impossible to hide (or hide anything) from your bird!

10. They Can Be Bossy!

Birds are bossy – and they aren’t afraid to boss you around!

The companionship that they provide us is worth putting up with a little bit of authoritative behavior, but keep in mind that your pet bird will likely treat all of your belongings as his own. He’ll also take charge of the household as he sees fit.

Some birds even take over other pets’ toys or the remote control for the television!

11. They Are Super Social

Here’s another thing that many people don’t realize about birds – they love the interaction with humans and other animals!

If you want a pet that will provide you with social interaction and be a true companion, rather than just a decoration in your home, owning a bird is the way to go.

Bird Owners

12. They Require a Ton of Toys

Sure, you can raise pet birds without investing in toys – but why would you want to deprive your best friend of such an experience?

Having a few toys on hand is a great way to keep your birds entertained and healthy. Once you’ve purchased just a toy or two, you’ll probably find that you can’t resist the latest colorful, interactive new toys when you pass by them in the pet store.

JLikehumans, our feathered friends, need to play and interact with others to stay healthy.

That’s why bird owners should give their pets toys that are destructible or not – so they can enjoy themselves while also staying calm!

Some good toys to consider giving your pet bird include wood pieces, mirrors, nuts, bells, beads, or other items that are chew-safe and entertaining. 

13. Birdcage? More Like a Mansion!

If your birdcage is nicer than your own home, then guess what? You’re among the ranks of the seniormost bird owners.

A birdcage that’s tricked out with east and west wings, entertainment rooms and exercise areas, and tons of other features is something only a bird owner will truly understand.

No matter the size or shape of your birdcage, you can spruce up a drab metal cage with some creativity and flair.

There are many ways you can decorate a birdcage, and it all depends on the type of pet bird that will be living in the cage.

If your pet is an African Grey or lovebird, then you should put some small pieces of fruit inside to keep them busy during their time in captivity.

For those birds who need more room to fly, though, like parrots, then you’ll want to go for something a little less claustrophobic – like a perch or two.

14. As a Bird Owner, Your Bird Requires – and Gets! – a Ton of Attention

Some people decide to raise pet birds because they assume that this is a kind of pet that you can more or less leave to its own devices, unlike a dog or cat.

This is a rookie assumption – and it’s something that pet bird owners know is not true.

If you decide to raise a bird, and you’ve raised birds for any length of time, you know exactly how much she loves attention.

She’ll sing to your dinner party guests, interrupt your phone calls with customer service representatives, and sing, chatter, and flap her wings all day long.

While some species of birds demand more attention than others, they’ll all adore being showered with attention all day long.

15. Chewing, Chewing, Chewing

Often, it’s dogs that bear the brunt of the bad reputation when it comes to chewing, but a veteran bird owner knows that birds should share some of the blame, too.

From clothing to toys, shoes to furniture, birds love chewing on anything they can get their grimy talons on! 

You’ve heard of babyproofing your house, but if you are a pet bird owner, you know that bird proofing your house is important, too.

It’s not uncommon for pet birds to chew on things, and that’s something that only bird owners truly understand.

Though a reality of bird ownership, it can be frustrating because it often means that the bird will destroy furniture, clothing, and even their own cages!

The best way to deal with this issue is by providing them with plenty of toys that they are allowed to chew on.

16. Your Bird Likes to Groove 

Does your bird bust a better move than you do? It doesn’t take much to encourage a bird to dance.

Something as simple as a bit of human conversation or the television running in the background is enough to get your pet parrot working what he’s got! 

Now, if only you could learn how to dance like that – preferably without the help of several strong drinks and the Macarena playing at your best friend’s wedding!

17. A Bird Owner Know There’s No Place Like Home

The last thing that only bird owners will understand is that there’s nothing better in the world if you have a pet bird.

Raising a bird is a truly wonderful experience – and there’s nothing better than greeting your best friend when you arrive home at the end of the day. 

Yes, even if that calls for interrupted phone calls – and a bit of poop on your shoulder.

Bird Owner

How Can I Be a Better Bird Owner?

Do you feel like your bird is a part of your family? A pet that always makes you laugh and puts a smile on your face? You’re not the only one.

Birds are undeniably adorable. Yet, it’s easy to forget about their needs and desires in the hustle of everyday life. 

Bird owners have a responsibility to care for their pets, so it’s important to know how to be a good bird owner.

The first thing you should do is research the type of bird you want and make sure that it will work in your living situation. 

Some birds are better suited for apartments, while others may need more space or live best in colder climates.

You can also learn about the needs of particular species by reading up on them online or at your local library before making any decisions.

Of course, the best way to be a better bird owner is to get to know your bird as best as you can. Taking to heart this list of things only bird owners understand is an excellent place to start! 

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  1. I have a question. My African Greys (2), my male Solomon Island Eclectus and my African Senegal have been with me for almost 30 years and I adore them! Last week a blue American parakeet flew up to one of our bird feeders in the yard and happily came in the house with me where I have him housed in an appropriate sized cage. He appears to be a baby…is very tiny and does not have buttons on his Bibb yet. How old could he be? I say he because he has a blue cere. Thank you for any info you may be able to provide! P S: my husband has a PhD in Biochemical nutrition for chickens. He loves my parrots and they adore him!

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