Happy New Year. Happy New Chicks?

It’s 2017; Happy New Year!

If you are a gardener, you have been poring over seed catalogs, feverishly planning the layout of your garden.

If you are a chicken addict you have been studying the catalogs trying to decide which breed you want to add to your flock this year. Perhaps a certain breed didn’t work out for you last year or you simply need new chickens!

If you are new to chickens and have… [Read More]

How To Do A Chicken Health Check (Checklist Included)

How To Do A Chicken Health Check Blog Cover

Performing regular health checks for your birds can prevent minor problems from becoming major headaches.

You probably already take mental notes of what’s going on with your flock on a daily basis.

This article is to give you a few pointers on what you are looking for and how to deal with some of the minor problems as they occur.

If you have a small flock, say less than ten birds or so, you… [Read More]

Should I Light The Coop Over Winter?

This question, along with heating the coop is persistent.

Each winter I always receive emails about this. So this year I’ve put down some thoughts, reasons for and against lighting and related tidbits.

The discussion between the yeas and the nays on this subject can get quite heated at times, so remember, the choice is your decision to make.

There is no doubt that hens are capable of laying year round, but the question is… [Read More]

How Cold Is Too Cold For My Chickens?

How Cold Is Too Cold For My Chickens Blog Cover

Here in the North Eastern States, we will be seeing the snow flying soon.

By all accounts this year is going to be bad, so we need to prepare ourselves and our flocks for the long months ahead.

Many beginner chicken keepers are amazed at just how hardy and tough chickens are.

But still, a common concern is how cold is too cold for my chickens?

Do they need a heat lamp to keep… [Read More]

Chicken Molting: What Is It and How to Fix It

All You Need To Know About Chickens Molting

The autumn leaves are falling from the trees and feathers are falling from your chickens.

What’s up with that?

Congratulations! Your ladies (and boys) are molting.

Shorter days and cooler temperatures trigger an automatic response in the chickens and so they molt, shedding the old and acquiring glossy new feathers.

This article is a guide to what to expect, how to help and other molting tidbits. Sit back and relax because there is no… [Read More]