The Miracle of Chickens’ Feathers

The Miracle of Chickens Feathers Blog Cover

All birds are covered to a greater or lesser extent with feathers. We really don’t think about the amazing ability of this simple structure too much.

The very first birds, Archaeopteryx, were huge terrifying beasts. They are one of the first known appearances of the feather, enabling this dinosaur to fly! Several others dinosaurs also had rudimentary feathering.

We are going to take a closer look at this marvel of engineering and see… [Read More]

What to Ask Breeders before Buying Your Chickens

What to Ask Breeders before Buying Your Chickens Blog Cover

Spring is soon upon us, and it will be time to think seriously about getting some new chickens!

I try to get a few each year so that the egg production can be maintained through the winter, it also allows the older girls to stop producing as frequently or even completely.

As always, it’s highly recommended you read as much as you can about chickens in general. If you have specific breeds in mind,… [Read More]

My Hen Is Eating Their Own Eggs. How Do I Stop Them?

My Hen Is Eating Their Own Eggs Blog Cover

Egg eating in the coop can be a huge problem once it takes hold.

It’s a behavior that needs to be stopped quickly as other hens may decide to join in and that is a difficult thing to stop.

This is one of the last problems you want as a chicken keeper, because many of us raise chickens solely for the eggs!

In this article we’re going to take a look at why hens eat… [Read More]

Should I Free Range My Chickens? Learn What’s Best for Your Hens

Should I Free Range My Chickens Blog Cover

Many people ask if it’s safe to free range their flock. As with most questions, there is no simple yes or no. To really answer this question you need to understand the pros and cons of free ranging your hens.

First, let’s define ‘free range’. For most of us, we have an idyllic picture in our mind of hens wandering over the yard on a beautiful sunny day, free to go wherever they want, right?

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Chicken Winter Boredom Busters! How to Keep Your Hens Happy During Winter

Chicken Winter Boredom Busters! How to Keep Your Hens Happy During Winter Blog Cover

The cold, gloomy days of winter are here and everyone can get bored, even chickens! Boredom leads to mischief such as feather picking, egg eating, squabbling and a miserable disposition.

We have put together some ideas for helping to relieve boredom for your flock and to help them to live together harmoniously throughout the winter months.

The number one cause of mischief is lack of space for everyone. We all need personal space, some… [Read More]