Bantam Chickens: Breeds, Egg Laying, Size and Care Guide

Bantam Chickens- Breeds, Egg Laying, Size and Care Guide

Bantam Chickens are most suitable for small backyards where space is premium. You can easily fit two bantams into the space required by one standard bird, and since they like to fly, building up will accommodate them well. They may be small, but they are bursting with personality and happiness – of course, I may […]

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Egg Bound Chicken: All You Need To Know

Egg Bound Chicken- All You Need To Know

Egg binding is a serious problem and can lead to the death of the hen. Many times though, with proper intervention and care, hens can go on to live a good, long life giving you lots of nutritious eggs! An egg-bound chicken has unique symptoms which you can easily spot if you know what to […]

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How Do I Make My Chicken Lay An Egg?

chicken laying egg

Most backyard chicken owners will agree that the single best part of keeping chickens is walking down to the coop each morning to collect eggs. How do you get chickens to lay eggs? I normally have anywhere from 8-10 fresh warm eggs waiting for me every morning, and the family loves eating them for breakfast! […]

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Buff Orpington All You Need To Know: Temperament and Egg Laying

Buff Orpington

Is there another breed that more quintessentially says English barnyard hen than a Buff Orpington? People almost always picture a plump, stately, beautifully feathered hen going about her business in the barnyard as if she owns the place and is most definitely not in a hurry! As we shall see, the Orpington is a fairly […]

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Lavender Orpington: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More

Our recent article on the Buff Orpington was well received and prompted folks to ask about Lavender Orpingtons – it seems that Lavender is the ‘in’ color at the moment! Orpingtons come in a large variety of colors and patterns. These past couple of years have seen a steady rise in interest for Lavender and […]

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Cochin Chicken: Breed Profile, Care Guide and More…

Cochin Breed

The big, fluffy Cochin chicken begs to be picked up and cuddled! They have been seducing people for a long time now and aren’t about to stop anytime soon! They have been described as ‘head to toe feathers’ – an apt description for these beautifully feathered birds. People cannot pass them by without remarking on […]

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Polish Chickens: Temperament, Color and Egg Laying

Polish Chickens Temperament, Color and Egg Laying Blog Cover

Are you ready to meet with a fun, friendly, quirky chicken with personality and good looks? Well, wait, no more here they are! The Polish chicken has a long history, with much of it lost in the mists of time, but it has become beloved by ‘chickenistas’ worldwide. There really isn’t another bird that comes […]

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How Chickens Make Eggs and 3 Common Egg Laying Problems

How Chickens Make Eggs and 3 Common Egg Laying Problems Blog Cover

An egg contains a phenomenal amount of nutrition for its size, but you already knew that right? An average egg contains a mere 75 calories but gives you 7g protein, 5g fat and 1.5g of saturated fat. In addition it gives you vitamins A, D, B12, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, choline, carotenoids and cholesterol! And […]

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