Red Ranger Chicken: The Complete Care Guide

Red Ranger Chicken The Complete Care Guide Blog Cover

The Red Ranger has become quite popular as a dual purpose backyard breed. It is primarily a meat bird but does lay eggs if it is allowed to. We have received a couple of inquiries regarding this particular bird, so here is what we have discovered about this personable little chicken. Technically they are not […]

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Delaware Chicken: Care, Egg Laying and Pictures

Delaware Chicken Care, Egg Laying and Pictures Blog Cover

Delaware chickens are a relatively new breed of chicken to the chicken world. In the 1940s it was all set to become the broiler industry ‘superstar’, but things went awry and the Delaware languished and fell into obscurity. They are only around today thanks to a few dedicated individuals who kept and raised this breed. […]

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Muscovy Duck: Eggs, Facts, Care Guide and More…

Muscovy Duck Eggs, Facts, Care Guide and More Blog Cover

The Muscovy duck is an unmistakable sight with its bright red caruncles. This unusual looking duck has been kept for hundreds of years and is a staple, for many indigenous peoples of South America adding eggs and meat to their diet. Although originally a tropical bird it has adapted well to a variety of climates […]

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Sebright Chicken: Silver, Golden and Care Guide

Sebright Chicken Silver, Golden, and Care Guide Blog Cover

The Sebright chicken is a small but dynamic bird. It enjoys an almost ‘cult’ following of dedicated breeders and keepers. This pint-sized bird is beautiful to look at and can easily fit in the palm of your hand! It is a product of one man’s imagination and his quest to create something different in the […]

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Sussex Chicken: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More

An endearing and beloved hen, the Sussex breed has been with us for at least a couple of centuries now. It has been bred as a dual purpose hen, excelling at both. It has an interesting history and has endured through the ups and downs of the poultry world fads. The Sussex has enjoyed a […]

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Bumblefoot in Chickens: The Complete Care and Treatment Guide

Bumblefoot in Chickens The Complete Care and Treatment Guide Blog Cover

Bumblefoot, also known as pododermatitis, is quite common in chickens. When you think about chickens’ feet, they do even more work than your feet! They are up and about all day and then when they go to bed they still stand on their feet. It’s really not surprising that they do suffer from foot problems […]

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Diarrhea in Backyard Chickens: Causes, Treatment and Care

Diarrhea in Backyard Chickens Causes, Treatment and Care Blog Cover

There are several different causes of diarrhea in chickens. Some are fairly normal and will resolve themselves on their own, yet others can be problematic. Seeing it for the first time can be quite alarming! In this article we are going to take a look at causes of diarrhea and explain what you can do […]

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Ayam Cemani: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More

Ayam Cemani Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More Blog Cover

The Ayam Cemani has certainly had people talking excitedly about it over the last few years. It is a totally black bird – inside and out, so as you can imagine it has been associated with the Dark Arts especially in its’ own country of Indonesia. At the current time they remain a pretty rare […]

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