Golden Laced Wyandotte: Egg Laying, Broodiness and Temperament

gold laced wyandotte

The Golden Laced Wyandotte is possibly one of America’s most beautiful and beloved chickens and one that is hard to mistake with its stunning plumage. It is a breed that was created in the fairly recent past by poultry farmers looking for a homegrown dual-purpose chicken. At the time there were few truly dual-purpose breeds […]

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Golden Comet Chicken: What to Know Before Buying One

Golden Comet Chicken

The Golden Comet chicken is one of the more recent hybrid chickens that has been bred for great egg production. It was initially ‘made’ for the commercial industry, but it has successfully transitioned into small farms and backyards worldwide and is possibly the most widely kept hybrid hen. This article will delve into its history […]

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Sebright Chicken: Silver, Golden and Care Guide

Sebright Chicken Silver, Golden, and Care Guide Blog Cover

The Sebright chicken is a small but dynamic bird. It enjoys an almost ‘cult’ following of dedicated breeders and keepers. This pint-sized bird is beautiful to look at and can easily fit in the palm of your hand! It is a product of one man’s imagination and his quest to create something different in the […]

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