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Buying A Duck: Top 10 Reasons You Should

holding a duck

Buying a duck is a big commitment, even if you only buy a handful of these adorable little creatures. Taking on the responsibility of caring for another life should never be entered into lightly. Before opening your wallet, you must KNOW that you have the time, space, and money to care for the ducks year-round […]

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Muscovy Duck: Eggs, Facts, Care Guide and More…

Muscovy Duck- Eggs, Facts, Care Guide and More...

The Muscovy duck is an unmistakable sight with its bright red caruncles. This unusual-looking duck has been kept for hundreds of years and is a staple for many indigenous peoples of South America, adding eggs and meat to their diet. Although originally a tropical bird, it has adapted well to various climates and can thrive […]

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How To Incubate Duck Eggs

How to Incubate Eggs - Spring Chicken Checklist

To incubate duck eggs in an incubator is more complicated than hatching chicken eggs the same way. Most incubators are designed to be used for both types of eggs. But, although it is fairly commonplace on homesteads, attempting to hatch both chicken and duck eggs simultaneously is often problematic.  While some duck breeds both lay […]

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Interpreting Duck Behavior

Interpreting Duck Behavior

Ducks are quite entertaining little creatures. They each have their own definite personalities and flock demeanor. Being able to interpret duck behavior will allow you to better understand why they do what they do. It will also enhance your husbandry skills to offer better care – and perhaps even get more delicious eggs in the […]

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The Ultimate Duck Breed Guide

duck breed infographic

We review the most popular duck breeds from A to Z. Keeping ducks is possible for anyone, even if you do not live on a large homestead with a pond or large body of water. The question is what kind of breed is suitable for you and your family? What do you want to achieve […]

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