Buying A Duck: Top 10 Reasons You Should

holding a duck

Buying a duck is a big commitment, even if you only buy a handful of these adorable little creatures. Taking on the responsibility of caring for another life should never be entered into lightly. Before opening your wallet, you must KNOW that you have the time, space, and money to care for the ducks year-round […]

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Raising Ducklings

raising ducklings

Raising ducklings is the most fun and cutest parts of the entire duck husbandry process. These cute little fuzzy bundles of energy and noise are exciting to watch grow and thrive for the kiddos and adults, alike. Baby ducklings being raised naturally by a momma or incubated by their future keepers, the husbandry tactics are […]

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Caring For Ducklings In The Winter

Duckling winter care involves diligent, but not complicated or overly time consuming husbandry techniques. The cute little fuzzy ducklings that you hatched or bought will be totally dependent upon your care in order to survive their first few days to weeks of life.  While ducks are incredibly more winter cold hardy than chickens, who can […]

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Do Ducks Need Water? What You Should Know

Ducks do not just love water, they need it. A duck must not be left without clean water to bathe in, swim in, and drink. Ducks in such a scenario will suffer not only ill health effects but also become emotionally distressed and exhibit anxious and even destructive behavior.  It does not matter if you […]

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