Indian Runner Duck Breed: Everything You Need To Know

indian river duck

Indian Runner ducks boast one of the most distinctive body styles in the entire duck world. Members of this breed actually look a lot more like penguins or feathered bowling pins at first glance than either domesticated or wild ducks. But, unlike penguins, they do not waddle and can actually run rather quickly. When Indian […]

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Khaki Campbell Duck: Everything You Need To Know

Khaki Campbell Duck- Everything You Need To Know

Khaki Campbell ducks are one the most popular domesticated breeds kept in the United States. This attractive breed was created by crossing Runner, Fawn, and Rouen ducks. Some historical accounts also indicate they crossed khaki Campbell ducks with wild Mallard ducks, but others do not. They are a superb multi-purpose duck breed for both large […]

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Pros And Cons Of Raising Ducks

Pros and cons of duck raising should be carefully considered before investing in the purchase and husbandry set up for these adorable meat and egg birds – even if you just plan on keeping ducks as “farm pets.” Failing to look at both the plus and minus scale associated with raising ducks could easily result […]

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Do Ducks Need Water? What You Should Know

Ducks do not just love water, they need it. A duck must not be left without clean water to bathe in, swim in, and drink. Ducks in such a scenario will suffer not only ill health effects but also become emotionally distressed and exhibit anxious and even destructive behavior.  It does not matter if you […]

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