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Do Ducks Get Stressed? (Signs, Causes, & How to Help)

Do ducks get stressed? Featured image

Do ducks get stressed? Well, the straightforward answer is… Yes! And too much of it could be dangerous or even deadly for your beloved fowl. In this piece, we’ll dive into what causes stress in ducks, how to tell if your ducks are stressed, and how to help out your flock in times of stressful […]

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How Do You Know If A Duck Is In Pain?

blind duck is in pain -featured image

How do you know if a duck is in pain? Truthfully, when I first introduced birds to our farm, I chose chickens as livestock animal number 1. I wanted eggs to eat and eggs to sell. For some time, I kept only chickens, that is, until I saw a neighbor’s fuzzy, goofy ducklings. From then […]

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Common Duck Diseases and How To Prevent Them

common duck diseases

Ducks are susceptible to a variety of diseases, some of which can be quite serious. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the most common duck diseases and their symptoms and treatments. So if you’re a duck owner, it’s important to be familiar with these diseases so that you can quickly identify any […]

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Ducks Need Water

Ducks Need Water

Ducks do not just love water. They need it. Ducks need water and must not be left without clean water to bathe, swim in, and drink. Ducks in such a scenario will suffer ill health effects and become emotionally distressed and exhibit anxious and even destructive behavior.  It does not matter if you are keeping […]

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Ducks In The Summer Heat

ducks in summer heat

It’s the middle of summer, and it is boiling outside. Nobody wants to complain – after all, the bitter chill of winter is likely still fresh on your mind! – but there are some considerations you need to make when raising livestock, including ducks in the summer heat.  Ducks are enjoyable animals to raise, especially […]

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