Pekin Duck Breed: Everything You Need To Know

Pekin Duck Breed- Everything You Need To Know

The Pekin duck is among the most popular breeds kept in the United States, both in backyards and on homesteads across the country. Pekin ducks are a multi-purpose breed, meaning they have traditionally been raised for egg and meat production. The docile and sometimes affectionate nature of Pekin ducks has also earned them intense popularity […]

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Top 7 Duck Predators: How to Know Which and Prevention

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Ducks are far more vulnerable to predators than their barnyard poultry peers, chickens. There is an excellent reason the phrase “sitting duck” was coined. These meat and egg birds have no natural means of self-defense against common duck predators. Their beaks are rounded, their toenails are not sharp enough to cause harm, and nearly all […]

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Buff Orpington Duck Breed: Everything You Need To Know

Buff Orpington ducks are a friendly and docile multi-purpose breed of poultry bird. These attractive ducks are often kept solely as farm pets or “pond ornaments” due to their affable nature and graceful beauty. A Buff Orpington duck (sometimes called just Buff, for short) is also a quality meat bird. While the Pekin duck breed […]

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