Chicken Bullying: How to Stop Them Pecking Each Other

chicken bullying

Todays’ article tackles one of the least endearing qualities of our beloved hens – chicken bullying. It is more than establishing the ‘pecking order’- it is systematically picking on one or two hens for no apparent reason. Bullying can be limited to feather plucking or escalate into full-blown warfare, with the receiving hen being severely […]

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Double Yolk Eggs: Causes, Safety and Other Egg Laying Anomalies

Double Yolk Eggs Causes, Safety and Other Egg Laying Anomalies Blog Cover

The ‘egg factory’ situated in the hen is an intricate mechanism that usually functions exceedingly well for the first couple of years before gradually slowing down in the mature hen. Occasionally there are hiccups in the ‘factory’ and it can produce double yolk eggs, along with many other egg abnormalities. The odds of a double […]

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