The A-Z of Chicken Breeds and Choosing the Perfect One

Naturally, the perfect chicken breeds mean different things to different people. My perfect chicken would not only lay the egg but scramble it and serve it in bed to me. While I enjoyed breakfast in bed, she would do housework! So, for me, the perfect chicken sadly doesn’t exist, but truthfully I think chickens are […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Egg Incubator (And Use It Properly)

How To Choose The Perfect Egg Incubator Blog Cover

Once you get an incubator, I think you can officially be labelled a ‘chicken addict’! I always said I would never get an incubator – now I have two. The fun of hatching your own chicken eggs is like having Christmas every day. There are lots of different types of incubators out there, ranging from […]

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What’s the Perfect Ratio of Hens to Roosters?

What’s the Perfect Ratio of Hens to Roosters Blog Cover

We often get asked how many roosters should be kept with a flock of hens. Although this question is a moot point for folks who cannot keep roosters because of city or byelaws, it is a valid question for those who want to keep a few roosters for breeding or ‘just because’. Roosters can be […]

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