Aggressive Rooster: How to Train Him to be ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

aggressive rooster

We constantly hear of roosters that are mean to the hens and their keepers. Today we will give you a few tips on an aggressive rooster and how to make him a ‘Mr. Nice Guy’. That means you’re going to learn how to tame your aggressive rooster! It will take some time and patience, so […]

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Should You Be Feeding Your Chickens This Superfood?

Should You Be Feeding Your Chickens This Superfood

Making sure your chickens’ diet is right, is the difference between having happy hens laying lots of eggs and grumpy hens who will peck your finger off if you go near them! We changed our chickens’ diet last year and were amazed when within a couple of days their egg laying had plummeted- so we’ve […]

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Raising Quail On The Ground And Ground Pen Information

Ground-raising quail is gaining popularity among farmers and fanciers. Quail lovers have rediscovered the benefits of allowing their quail to live in a ground-pen. Watching their birds interact with the natural environment has become an entertaining hobby for game bird enthusiasts.  Typically, quail are kept in cages, similar to that of a house bird or […]

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