4 Diseases Humans Get from Backyard Chickens: Zoonotic Diseases

disease from backyard chickens

We have come to depend a lot on the food industry to supply us with tasty, quick meals in our busy lives. The downside of this is the occasional outbreak of food-related illnesses.  Unfortunately, we can get a disease from backyard chickens. Sadly, we have become almost ‘used’ to hearing about salmonella outbreaks, listeria, E.coli, […]

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Chicken Diseases: 5 Common Flock Problems And How To Treat Them

Chicken Diseases 5 Common Flock Problems And How To Treat Them Blog Cover

Today’s topic is common disease and problems found in your flock that you can usually treat at home. Some of the diseases and problems that can plague chickens are easily dealt with at home using common remedies that you likely have in your medicine chest. As we all know, running off to the veterinary every […]

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