10 Breeds of Chicken That Will Lay Lots of Eggs for You

egg laying chicken breeds

For many people, the main incentive of raising backyard chickens is a fresh supply of eggs. I still remember walking down to my chickens’ nesting boxes for the first time and picking up those warm fresh eggs! Knowing the chicken breeds that lay lots of eggs is important. Most beginners don’t know that the breed […]

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5 Beginner Hens That Lay Lots of Eggs

5 Beginner Hens That Lay Lots of Eggs Blog Cover

So you have decided you want hens. You have been leafing through catalogs, trawling the internet and buying magazines that feature chickens and visiting farm stores almost daily- it has become an obsession! But the big question remains… which breed to choose? There are so many different breeds out there. There are chickens that are […]

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