Newcastle Disease Causes Massive Culling of Poultry in California

newcastle disease

Imagine waking up to a knock on the door, and a slew of people alleged to be government officials alert you that your entire flock of beloved chickens is scheduled to be destroyed. This is the reality many California residents are facing due to a recent outbreak of Newcastle disease (vND). The disease started out on […]

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Poultry Waterer: Which Is Best For Your Flock?

Poultry Waterer Which Is Best For Your Flock Blog Cover

Chicken waterers are an essential part of your equipment for flock care. You can find them in farm stores and online – but so many choices, which do you choose? We are here to help you decide which will be the best type for your flock and your circumstances. You have gravity waterers, nipples waterers, […]

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Poultry Netting: Best Kind To Buy and How Much Do You Need?

There is a large variety of poultry netting out there. Some have quite specific uses, whilst others are more multi-purpose. Poultry netting can be expensive so we are going to review some of the cheaper options too. Our caveat to everyone though is that it is generally cheaper for good reason. Using the right sort […]

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