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What To Know Before Owning Goats: Essential Guide Before Buying Goats

what to know before owning goats

Raising goats can be a profitable business. However, there are a few things you need to know before getting a goat. 

It’s every farmer’s dream come true for their goat farming business to thrive, but you need a terrific goat guide for you to achieve that. It’s an entirely different story when raising goats for beginners. 

Research everything you need to know about raising goats before even starting. You need to know the basic details like where you buy a goat in your area or how much a baby goat is.

This article will learn a few goat-raising tips and what to know before owning goats. It can be a handful for someone still starting, but you’ll eventually grasp all the necessary information in time.

What To Know Before Owning Goats Essential Guide Before Buying Goats

What To Know Before Owning Goats

Let’s start with goat raising basics. You need to determine if goats are the ideal livestock you can raise on your homesteads.

Goats are generally easy to raise compared to other livestock. They may need heavy-duty fencing and an ample supply of brush to nibble on, but other than that, they have minimal care needs. 

You also need to identify what type of goat to raise in your barn and where you buy a goat. Most farmers choose dual-purpose breeds to maximize their profits from their milk and meat.

Other homesteaders prefer having does for breeding purposes. In this case, you also need to know about goat kidding and how to prepare for baby goats.

To give you a summary of the goat basics and what to know before buying goats, keep on reading the following sections:

raising goats does not need fancy shelters

Goat Raising Basics

If you have decided on buying goats for your homestead, here are a few things to keep in mind when raising goats:

Breed type

When it comes to first buying goats, you need to know which breed type to choose. There are two general types based on their size: the mini or standard.

Miniature goats include the Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats, weighing less than 100 pounds. Despite being small goat breeds, they are still a good source of meat and milk.

The standard goat weighs between 100 to 200 pounds, whereas the Nubian and Alpine goats are popular breeds. Most farmers choose them, but the mini goats also do well for homesteads with a smaller space.


When it comes to identifying what to know before owning goats, you need to consider their housing. Fortunately, goats don’t need any fancy shelters. 

A three-sided shelter will work well for your goats. However, may need a more enclosed space and even separate pens to prepare for baby goats.

Still, goats love to roam around and explore the outdoors. Having a clean, shaded shelter for resting and protection during bad weather is enough to keep them healthy and safe.


Goats are excellent browsers. This means they love to nibble on bushes, brush, and weeds rather than grass.

If you want to know how to raise goats right, make sure to put them in a healthy pasture with enough brush and goat feed. You can feed them grass hay during winter, but it is best to avoid the alfalfa type.

This type of hay is high in calcium. Goats are known to have sensitive stomachs, so avoid mixing up their feeds with other livestock.


You should know about raising goats because they are curious animals and can climb just about anywhere to explore.

Before getting a goat, you should be aware that they are good climbers and can even go up a tree branch when it comes to what to know before getting a goat.

Because of this, it’s one of the goat-raising basics to prepare a robust and high fence. They practically escape artists that will always find a way around or over the wall.


Goats are more prone to digestive issues. That’s why it is essential to keep their feeds and water clean all the time.

Farmers should also be mindful of the minerals they let their goats eat. When roaming around, you may not control everything your goat eats, but it’s best to make a clean brush more available to them. 

what to know before getting a goat

History of Goats

If you want to know everything about goats, you have to start from where they come from and how they came to be. For starters, goats are ruminant mammals that belong to the Capra family.

They are related to sheep, and goats are one of the first domesticated animals descending from wild bezoar ibex, which is the early version of goats.

Goats were first seen 10,000 to 11,000 years before present (BP) in the Middle East and Western Asia were Neolithic farmers started small herds for meat, milk, clothing, and building materials. 

However, archaeological data showed two places of goat domestication: the Zagros Mountain in Iran during 10,000 BP and the Euphrates river valley in Turkey during 11,000 BP.

Over time, the Neolithic ways of raising goats evolved and got more advanced until they became today’s goat raising basics.

To date, there exist over 300 breeds of goats worldwide except for Antarctica. 

Benefits of Having A Goat

Finding out what to know before getting a goat includes identifying the benefits of raising them. This mammal is very common livestock that most farmers love to have. 

Raising goats can be very profitable, especially since they are excellent sources of milk and meat. There are also many ways to earn money from goats, such as making cheese, butter, clothing, and many more. 

It can be easy to learn everything you need to know about raising goats. Anyone can start having goats for profit as long as they have a great guide and are well-prepared for it.

So, why raise goats? Here are the advantages of raising these animals in your homestead:

Great Pet Goats

Despite being mischievous, goats have a friendly personality that makes them great pets. They also do well with kids, so some people raise goats and make a petting zoo out of them.

Zero Waste Animal

When it comes to knowing everything about goats, you should understand that most farmers can make a profit or product out of all the parts of a goat.

Goats are excellent sources of meat and milk, in which the latter can be made into cheese, butter, and other dairy products. Goatskin and fiber are used in the clothing and leather industry as well.

Healthier Milk and Meat

Meat from goats has less fat and cholesterol content compared to pork. They are also tasty and healthy, so some people prefer having goat meat in their diet.

Another thing about what to know before owning goats is that their milk is more nutritious and creamier compared to the cow. So if you want to make the best cheese and cream, you ought to choose goat milk.

Requires Minimal Space

As mentioned, raising goats does not need anything fancy. These animals thrive in a simple backyard set-up as long as enough brush is everywhere. 

They can easily rest and get in groups at a corner in the shelter. Most farmers create pens for does and kids, which is a good way to prepare for baby goats.

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how to raise goats when feeding

How Hard Is It To Raise Goats

Goats are very versatile animals. Aside from putting up high fences and making brush available, goats are not hard to raise.

Still, just like any livestock, there are a few challenges of raising goats. Here are some of the downsides from what to know before owning goats:

Prone to Sickness

When buying goats, you need to know that they are prone to digestive problems. This usually happens when the feed and water are unclean.

Escape Artists

Goats are mischievous and destructive, and they nibble on almost anything they come across with. They are also excellent escape artists who explain the need for higher fences. 

Milking Takes Skills

Everyone thinks milking is easy, but it takes skills to milk a goat. Some goat farmers would even hire a professional when milking a herd of goats.

Goats are Loud

These animals can be noisy, especially when lonely or in heat. As part of the goat raising basics, make sure goats have companions and establish your farm away from neighbors, if possible.

Local Laws On Goats

What to know before owning goats includes the local laws to abide by when keeping them. In this case, you need to check your town’s regulations about raising goats.

It’s different in every state and town. Some areas, they have specific rules about size or weight.

For urban areas, there may be more restrictions and how you should raise goats near residentials.

Goats can be loud and noisy, and being able to keep them would depend if your property is tagged as “agricultural” or “residential.”

You need to thoroughly research everything about goats, like the law and regulations in town, before even purchasing your first set.

That way, you wouldn’t end up buying goats for no reason. 

goat raising tips based on local laws

Can I Raise A Goat In My Backyard?

Why raise goats in the backyard in the first place? It’s not the typical home companion, but goats can be great pets. 

People also love having these animals as a source of milk for the family. This is why it’s not uncommon for people to start raising goats in their backyard.

Before having goats in your yard, you need to know a few goat-raising basics, including the laws and regulations.

There is an impressive list of regulations when it comes to raising livestock in every state, and it’s best to comply wherever you belong to dutifully.

Just a few goat raising tips: zone and municipal ordinances are not straightforward when raising goats.

That is why you need to verify a few terms and clauses in their regulations before getting started.

If you already have the legal matter settled, you should also check with your homeowners’ association if you want to identify what to know before owning goats.

When people try to raise goats in their backyard, they often consult with a smaller yet stricter organization that focuses more on each resident. 

Some goat owners are not successful in requesting approval for raising goats due to some health and sanitary issues. However, if you are permitted, make sure to follow all the rules.

Otherwise, you may need to pay a fine or face lawsuit charges if you break the law. It also pays to give your neighbors a visit and let them understand that you’re raising goats. 

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Where Can You Buy Goats

Buying goats can be tricky for a first-timer. When it comes to knowing before owning goats, you need guidance from tenured experts or an excellent goat guide.

Before buying goats, they include their breed, age, size, and sex. They are valuable goats since they can be bred and harvested for milk. 

You also need to purchase goats from a reputable breeder. Buying goats from a sale barn is highly discouraged since they are usually culled. 

Another thing to consider when buying goats is their vaccination and probability of disease. This is why goats are tested for illnesses by the breeders. 

One more thing to know before buying goats is the cost. How much is a baby goat? And where do you buy a goat in the first place?

Once you have determined how much a few goats cost and how much it takes to raise them, you can set your budget and get started on raising goats. 

everything you need to know about raising goats

What To Know Before Owning Goats  Final Thoughts

Raising goats is not an easy task for any farmer. Though they are not particularly hard to increase, there are still many things to consider when making sure they grow happy and healthy.

Raising goats for beginners can be complex at first, and having an excellent goat guide can be a perfect way to start. However, that’s not all that you need.

What to know before owning goats includes checking the law in your area about raising goats, where do you buy a goat, why raise goats in the first place, and how much is a baby goat.

Most farmers prefer having standard does since they are breeders and milk producers. But to have goats in the first place, you need to be in line with the regulations in your area and have all the necessary space and fencing. 

Once you have determined what to know before getting a goat and have the details settled, you can start buying goats and get your farm growing.

However, seeking what to know before getting a goat shouldn’t stop there.

Even if you know everything about goats, remember that goat raising is an ongoing, dynamic experience. There is always something new when continuously learning how to raise goats. 

Raising Goats

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Essential Guide Before Buying Goats

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