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Baby Goats Names

baby goat names

If you’re someone who raises livestock, you probably already know that one of the most enjoyable aspects of having animals on your farm is being able to name them.

Giving each and every fresh-faced critter its very own moniker is rewarding and enjoyable—but it’s not always easy.

You need to find names that match fthe unique personality and appearance of your newborn goat, and finding inspiration can be tough.

If you’re curious about some baby goats’ names, read on! We’ll tell you everything you need to know in this post.

Baby Goats Names. But First, What is the Name of a Baby Goat?

Ah, goats. They’re cute and playful, and it’s so hard not to love them. But have you ever wondered what a baby goat is called?

The short answer—a kid.

sable goat kid
sable goat kid

Why Are Baby Goats Called ‘Kid’?

First, let’s talk about why baby goats are called kids.

The reason behind this is that the term ‘kid’ was used as a slang term for a young child in medieval times.

Since baby goats resemble human children in their playful and mischievous behavior, this term was eventually used to refer to baby goats as well.

So, the term ‘kid’ was initially used for human children and then extended to baby goats.

What is a Female Baby Goat Called?

A female baby goat is called a doeling. You can easily identify a female baby goat by its sturdy and wholesome body shape.

The term ‘doeling’ is derived from the word for a female goat, which is “doe.”

What is a Male Baby Goat Called?

A male baby goat is called buckling. Male baby goats have small horns and are generally more curious and adventurous than female baby goats

The term “buckling” is derived from the word for a male goat, which is “buck.”

What is a Castrated Male Goat Called?

A castrated male goat is called a wether.

A wether is a male goat that has been neutered to control its hormonal activity.

Castration is usually done to prevent the male goat from reproducing, which can be unwanted in some circumstances.

Wethers are known for their calm, unaggressive nature, and they make great companions for other goats.

Pygmy goat kids

Tips for Choosing Baby Goat’s Name

Need help choosing a name?

We’ll give you some suggestions on great baby goat names later on in this post, but for now, here are some tips to help you find the perfect match for your new arrival.

1. Choosing Baby Goat Names

Choosing names for your baby goats can be a fun and creative experience.

As a goat owner, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that your goats have unique and memorable names.

The best way to choose a name for your goats is to observe their physical appearance, personality traits, and behavior.

For example, if your baby goat is always bouncing around, you could name it “Bouncy.”

If your goat is a bit of a troublemaker, you could name it “Rascal.”

2. Name Themes

If you like themed names, you could choose a specific theme, such as flowers, fruits, or even superheroes.

This way, you can keep the names consistent and related to each other.

For example, if you have three baby goats, you could name them Apple, Peach, and Mango.

3. Using Names of Goat Breeds

Another way to name your baby goats is to use the name of the breed they belong to.

For example, if you have a LaMancha goat, you could name it LaMancha.

This will make it easy for people to recognize the breed of your goat by just knowing its name.

4. Names Based on Goat Colors

If you find it difficult to come up with unique names, you could name your goat based on its color.

For example, if your goat has black and white spots, you could name it Oreo.

If your goat is brown, you could name it Mocha.

5. Sharing the Responsibility

If you’re having a hard time coming up with names, you could involve your family and friends in the naming process.

Pro tip: If you have kids, you probably won’t be allowed to name the baby goats without their input, anyway!

The most important thing is to have fun with it.

You could even hold a naming contest and award the person with the best name for your baby goat.

This way, you can get different opinions and creative ideas.

diarrhea in baby goats

Fun Baby Goat Names for You to Consider

Looking for inspiration as you begin to name your baby goats?

Here are some creative ideas to get the juices flowing:

Unique Goat Names

When you’re raising goats on a homestead, you’ll soon find that each goat has a distinct personality and character, so picking out a name is like choosing a title for a beloved friend.

Here’s a list of unique goat names to help make the process a little easier.

  • Zelda – This is an elegant and mystical name that works well for a beautiful, delicate doe.
  • Thor – A mighty and powerful name that is perfect for a headstrong, stout buck.
  • Dolly – A classic name that would suit a gentle and friendly doe.
  • Odin – An imposing name that feels like a good fit for your dominant buck.
  • Lavender – A sweet and flowery name that would be perfect for a little doe.
  • Zeus – A strong and confident name that would work well for an energetic and cheeky buck.
  • Daisy – A simple yet charming name that would perfectly suit a doe with a sunny disposition.
  • Apollo – This name has a sleek and stylish feel that would suit a handsome buck with a playful nature.
  • Pepper – A spicy and zesty name that works well for a goat with a lively and energetic personality.
  • Athena – A beautiful and powerful name that would fit a regal and confident doe.
  • Hercules – A name with a strong and heroic feel, perfect for a sturdy, muscular buck.
  • Rose – A classic and timeless name that would suit a dainty and delicate doe.
  • Atlas – A grand and commanding name that would suit a powerful buck with a high level of energy and athleticism.
  • Snowball – This fun and playful name would suit a little white goat with a bubbly personality.
  • Aphrodite – An alluring and daring name that would fit a striking, beautiful doe.
  • Maverick – A wild and adventurous name that would be perfect for an unpredictable and headstrong buck.
  • Buttercup – A cute and charming name that would suit a doe with a sweet disposition.
  • Achilles – A strong and brave name that would work well for a buck that likes to take risks.
  • Bluebell – A name with a soft and delicate feel, perfect for a little doe with a gentle character.
  • Goliath – A grand and imposing name that works well for a large and strong buck with a confident nature.
  • Hazel – A charming and quaint name that would suit a gentle and kind doe.
  • Titan – A powerful and bold name that would fit a confident and headstrong buck.
  • Lily – A classic and pretty name that would suit a delicate and gentle doe.
  • Sampson – A strong and commanding name that works well for a muscular and powerful buck.
  • Cocoa – A sweet and comforting name that would suit a friendly and gentle doe.

two very young tennessee kids

Twin Goat Names

If you have a set of twins, you’ll want to think carefully about which names will work best for a pair.

Sure, you pick individual names, but wouldn’t it be more fun to name both of your kids at once?

Here are some basic ideas.

Nature-Inspired Names

If you’re a nature lover, why not consider giving your twin goats names inspired by the great outdoors?

Some great options include “Rocky” and “Meadow,” “River” and “Stream,” or “Oak” and “Maple.”

Not only are these names unique, but they also reflect the natural environment in which your goats will be spending their time.

Mythical Baby Goat Names

Looking for something with a little more edge?

How about going for some mythical names that add some flair to your homestead?

Go for names like “Thor” and “Odin,” “Juno” and “Athena” or “Phoenix” and “Griffin.”

You’ll love how these names add a touch of magic to your goats’ personalities.

Food-Themed Names

If you consider your goats to be part of your sustainable living lifestyle, consider giving them names inspired by the food you grow and produce on your homestead.

You can name them after your favorite fruits and vegetables, like “Squash” and “Melon,” or perhaps go for some dairy-themed names like “Butter” and “Cream.”

With these names, they’ll be a great reminder of the hard work you put into your farm’s bounty.

Personality-Based Names

Consider naming your twin goats based on their personalities.

If one goat is more active and energetic while the other is more mellow and lowkey, you could name them “Thunder” and “Lightning.”

Or if one goat is always getting into mischief while the other is a bit more reserved, you could name them “Mischief” and “Mayhem.”

These personality-based names really showcase your goats’ unique personalities and create a fun, personal connection between you and your livestock.

Mythological Names

Another option you can consider is names inspired by mythologies from all around the world.

For example, you can go for some Nordic-inspired names like “Ragnar” and “Loki,” or you can try something Egyptian-inspired like “Isis” and “Ra.”

With these unique names, your twin goats are sure to stand out amongst your other animals.

Baby Goat Names: Girl

If you are searching for the ideal name for your doe, keep in mind that girls should always have feminine and delicate names.

Some of the best goat names for girls can be inspired by nature, such as Daisy, Lily, or Rose.

These names conjure up images of beauty, purity, and love and are perfect for female goats.

Alternatively, you might choose the name of a Greek goddess or mythical creature, like Selene, Nyx, or Aphrodite.

These names embody strength, courage, and grace—all qualities that female goats can exhibit.

Other popular options for doe names include classics like Emma, Lucy, or Grace or more unique options, such as Tessa, Ivy, or Winter.

 Baby Goat Names Boy

If you have a young buck that needs a fantastic name, there are a lot of great options out there that will suit your goat well.

Nature-inspired names can work equally well for boys or girls, but in the case of bucks, you might opt for something a bit more rugged.

Rocky, Colt, or Raven are solid names that will make your goat sound like he fits right in with the rest of your homestead’s livestock.

If you want something more mythical, consider naming your buck after a strong or powerful creature. Hercules, Thor, or Atlas will make your goat sound like he can lift mountains, while Zeus, Apollo, and Odin evoke images of leadership, wisdom, and power.

Classic boy names like Oliver, Liam, or Benjamin can also work well for goats as long as they match your goat’s unique personality and spirit.

socialization among baby goats

Funny Goat Names

Who doesn’t love a goat with a funny name?

Naming a goat can be both fun and challenging, especially if you don’t want to settle for average names like Daisy or Buttercup.

Here are some funny goat names that are sure to have you in stitches:

  • Snickers – This name is perfect for a goat with a sense of humor. Just imagine the moment when you call out, “Snickers, come here!” and your goat actually snickers. It’s too funny not to try.
  • Captain Crunch – This name works well for a goat that loves to chew on things. Goats are notorious for munching on anything within their reach, so a name like Captain Crunch is fitting.
  • Princess Leia – Star Wars fans, why not name your goat after one of the franchise’s most iconic characters? Princess Leia would be an adorable name for a female goat with attitude.
  • Godzilla – For a big, intimidating buck, Godzilla is the way to go. This name is sure to make your friends and family laugh when they meet your mighty goat.
  • Mary Poppins – This name is ideal for a goat that loves to jump and play. Just like the whimsical character in the movie, Mary Poppins, the goat will bring joy and fun to your homestead.
  • Chewbacca – Another Star Wars-inspired choice, Chewbacca is perfect for a goat with long, flowing hair. This name is also a great option for goats that make a lot of noise, just like the original Chewie.
  • Sir Loin – If you’re raising goats for meat, Sir Loin is a clever name for one of your bucks. It’s a play on words and a nod to the delicious cut of beef.
  • Dolly Parton – For a goat with impressive udders, Dolly Parton is a fun name that pays homage to the country music legend. Plus, your goat will appreciate the attention to her dairy-producing abilities.
  • Tumnus – Fans of The Chronicles of Narnia will recognize this name from one of the series’ beloved characters. Mr. Tumnus the goat would be a sweet and charming addition to your homestead.
  • Wiggles – For a goat that can’t sit still, Wiggles is a hilarious name that captures their energetic nature. It’s also a fitting name for a goat that loves belly rubs and scratches.

Baby Goat Names: Final Thoughts

Naming your goats can be a fun and engaging experience that allows you to get creative and bond with your new friends.

With this list of names, you can choose a name that suits your goat’s personality and character to a T.

Whether you prefer traditional or more playful names, there is something on this list for every homesteader looking to add a new member to their farm.

So get out there and get creative!

If you’re still on the brink of getting new baby goats and figuring out how to care for them, these articles are a helpful guide to get you started!


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