Caring For Ducks During Winter

ducks in water

Caring for ducks in the winter involves a small but vital amount of preparation to keep the flock members healthy. Fortunately for avid duck keepers, these birds are typically a lot more cold weather hardy than chickens and far less susceptible to both respiratory problems and frostbite.

The thick layer of body fat combined with the soft down beneath weatherproof duck feathers significantly help the poultry birds warm even during the… [Read More]

Raising Ducks For Beginners

ducklings in a brooder

Ducks are one of the least expensive and easiest to keep poultry birds as either a backyard egg layer or farm pet. Unlike roosters, drakes (mature male ducks) neither become aggressive or loud – a definite plus if you are keeping ducks in a non-rural setting. 

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a pond in order to raise ducks. While any member of a duck flock would love to have a… [Read More]

Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy Ducks

holding a duck

Purchasing ducks is a big commitment, even if you are only buying a handful of these adorable little creatures. Taking on the responsibility of caring for another life should never be entered into lightly. Before opening your wallet, you must KNOW that you have the time, space, and the money to properly care for the ducks year round.

Ducks can be kept in not only rural environments, but in suburban and in some cases, urban… [Read More]

Raising Ducks Vs Chickens

muscovy duck in water with ducklings

Raising ducks or raising chickens is becoming a far more frequently asked question. Backyard chicken keeping has been popular for many years as more folks became engaged in homesteading in small urban and suburban settings, as well as the more traditional larger scale rural setting. Duck keeping is garnering increased attention because the common myth that you need a pond to keep ducks for eggs has been busted … that and the huge creamy [Read More]

The Ultimate Duck Breed Guide

We review the most popular duck breeds from A to Z. Keeping ducks is possible for anyone, even if you do not live on a large homestead with a pond or large body of water. The question is what kind of breed is suitable for you and your family? What do you want to achieve with having ducks? This will determine what duck breed you should choose.

We keep both types of poultry birds on… [Read More]