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Duck Housing And Duck Coops

portable duck coop ideas

Duck housing, coops, and runs often resemble chicken coops or rabbit hutches without stilt-style legs. While ducks can often live harmoniously with chickens in the same coop and run (in my personal experience), some keeps prefer to create a duck house – coop and run designed specifically to house only the water-loving poultry birds. A […]

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Raising Chicks in the Winter

raising chicks in the winter

Whether you want to get a jump start on raising chickens for the year, or maybe one of your hens decided to go broody right when the weather turned cold, you might have a lot of questions on how in the world you can raise little chicks in the winter! They can be pretty fragile, […]

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Top 5 Choices For Chicken Coop Bedding

chicken coop bedding

There’s a reason people refer to getting settled in as “nesting.” Chickens are the masters of creating a comfy nook for themselves to either roost or lay their delicious eggs. Planning for chickens includes the vital decision of which type of chicken coop bedding to use.  Bedding serves many purposes besides comfort; it must also […]

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