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Chicken Names: Best List of Names for Your Flock

147 Chicken Names Old Fashioned, Movie Stars and More Blog Cover

Someone once asked me if my chickens had names. I replied “of course, don’t your children have names?”

OK – so I’m not quite to the point of thinking my chickens are ‘real children’ – my hens are much better behaved!

This article is a bit of fun to see what names people have come up with for their birds – you might be surprised at the variety and hilarity of some.

You can name your hens when you first get them, or you can wait until they develop personalities.

We will also look at some famous chickens, both real and fictional in the hopes of inspiring you to name your hens!

Of course, we expect you to let us know in the comments section below what you decide to name your hens…

Chicken Names That Are Famous In The Real World

A very real and adventurous hen named Monique, sailed the world with her ‘boyfriend’ Guirec Soudee.

She became his best companion and provided him with six eggs per week!

Salvador Dali, the famous Spanish surrealist painter had a pet rooster called Oscar.

President Theodore Roosevelt had chickens at the White House. His favorite was a hen called

Baron Spreckle and a nameless one legged rooster.

Tori Spelling has a chicken named Coco.

Many celebrities keep chickens: Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles and of course,

Martha Stewart to name a few.

People have cooked up some imaginative names for their hens and roosters. Several chickens have been named after film stars, celebrities or historical figures. A small selection follows:

List of Popular Chicken Names

  • Albert Eggstein
  • Attila the Hen
  • Cluck Norris
  • Dixie Chick
  • Elvis
  • Farrah
  • Gregory Peck
  • Henneth Paltrow
  • Lindsay Lo-hen
  • Mary Poopins
  • Meryl Cheep
  • Oprah Henfrey
  • Pocahontas
  • Princess Lay-a
  • Roo Paul
  • Rooster Cogburn
  • Russell Crowe
  • Yolko Ono

There are many, many more, but you get the idea!

Chickens Names from the Silver Screen

There are surprisingly few superstar chickens…several chickens featured in several films but few actually have names!

Of course, who can forget the cast of Chicken Run: Ginger, Rocky, Fowler, Babs and Bunty.

These plucky chickens won several minor awards in filmdom.

At the time of release to the cinema it was running box office second to Me, Myself and Irene – not too shabby for a ‘stop motion’ chicken tale!

The Muppet Movie features Camilla the chicken who is Gonzo the Great’s girlfriend, although apparently, Gonzo can’t tell one chicken from another and frequently dates another ‘chick’, thinking it’s Camilla.

Disney’s ‘Robin Hood’ gave us Lady Kluck, a hen-in-waiting to Maid Marian and Alan-aDale.

To me, Lady Cluck would suit a Wyandotte.

Also from Disney is ‘Hei Hei’ the rooster in Moana (2016).

In 1991 an animated film called ‘Rock-a-doodle’ introduces us to Chanticler, a rooster in search of fame.

Chanticler goes off to Las Vegas and becomes rich and famous as a singing Elvis impersonator!

Small Screen Chicken Stars

Perhaps the most well-known cartoon chicken is Foghorn Leghorn the barnyard rooster of Looney Tunes.

Foghorn ruled the barnyard, tormented the Barnyard Dawg and was pursued by Miss Prissy, the barnyard spinster hen.

She finally gets her rooster in the cartoon episode titled ‘of Rice and Hens’ where they are happily married.

Egghead Jr. is Miss Prissy’s son in later episodes.

In the extended Garfield franchise (U.S. Acres), there are two chicks mentioned by name –

Booker and Sheldon.

Booker looks like a chick, but Sheldon looks like an egg with feet! Inside his shell there are apparently all sorts of things including a pinball machine – why would he want to leave his shell?

Also in the same franchise we meet Roy Rooster who is loud, greedy and annoying.

In a 1935 cartoon, Prunella Pullet falls in love with a returning boxing hero in ‘Cock o’ the Walk’.

Clara Cluck was an operatic chicken friend of Mickey Mouse. She appeared in several Mickey

Mouse cartoons but never had her own cartoon.

In the ‘101 Dalmatians – the series’, we meet ‘Spot’ the chicken who wants to be a Dalmatian.

Back in the 1960s’ series ‘George and the Jungle’ there is a superhero chicken by the name of Henry Cabot Henhouse III.

In the world of video games, chickens are few and far between, but ‘Bernadette the Chicken’ made her debut in Donald Ducks ‘Goin’ Quackers’ video game as a wicked chicken.

I think Bernadette would be perfect for a Brahma.

Advertising Chickens

Although several advertisements feature chickens, few give their stars a name.

Quite possibly the most famous and memorable to this day is Cornelius the Kellogg’s rooster.
Although Cornelius has long since gone to the chicken-yard in the sky, his memory and likeness linger on.

Themed Chicken Names

Some folks seem to stick to a theme with the names they choose.

The only limit to your themes is imagination, as you can see in our short, compiled lists.

Precious Stones: Pearl, Ruby, Beryl, Garnet, Topaz and Amber.

Colors: Blackie, Lemon, Scarlet, Indigo, Blue, Copper, Chocolate and Greybird.

TV Characters: Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sofia (Golden Girls); Lucy and Ethel (I love Lucy); Carla, Diane and Lilith (Cheers); Hyacinth and Violet (Keeping up Appearances); Gomez, Lurch and Morticia (The Adams Family).

Food and Drink: Noodle, Burrito, Pot Pie, Nugget, Casserole, Omlette, Marshmallow, Pumpkin, Salt & Pepper, Margarita, Whiskey, Peanut, Mango, Peaches.

Herbs and Flowers: Saffron, Clove, Angelica, Rosemary, Rue, Daisy, Bluebell, Blossom, Sweet Pea and Pansy.

Fictional Characters: Miss Marple, Wyatt Chirp, Dumbledore, Thelma and Louise, Watson and Holmes, Benny and Joon, Godzilla, Big Bird, Popeye, Othello and Desdemona.

Royal Titles: Queenie, Princess, Countess, King, Duke, Baron, His/Her Highness.

Rock Stars: Lady Gaga, Dusty, Cilla, Lulu, Little Richard and Weird Al.

‘Old lady’ Names for Chickens: Clara, Edna, Mabel, Nellie, Winnie, Bertha, Henrietta, Alice, Tallulah and Harriet.

Names for chickens that fit the appearance or personality of your hen are also popular. Of course, you might have to wait a while before you name them so you can determine their personality, but it can be fun!

Pom Pom, Snowball, Miss Crabby, Bok bok, Punk and Fluff all come to mind!

I think Pom Pom would make a great name for a Polish Chicken!

Literary Bird Names

The not so humble hen has inspired many books to be written about chickens – without a doubt, chickens are popular in children’s books.

Although they are mostly for children, they are still worthy of a read by us adults.

Many of these books are ‘moral’ stories reflecting ‘good’ societal values – much like a latter day ‘Aesop’s Fables’.

Some of the most notable children’s books featuring named chickens are:

  • Beautiful Yetta the Yiddish chicken – D&J. Pinkwater
  • Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken – K.DeCamillo & H.Bliss
  • Chicken Little
  • Tillie Lays an Egg – T. Golson
  • Zinnia and Dot – L.Campbell-Ernst
  • The Little Red Hen
  • Henrietta and the Golden Eggs – H.Johansen
  • Hannes Quest – O.Dunrea

In 1907 Frank Oz introduced Billina the talking chicken to his ‘Oz’ series.

She is a notable heroine in ‘Ozma of Oz’ in which she saves Dorothy and her friends.

When the adventure is over, Billina stays in Oz and becomes the Queen and Governor of all chickens.

She was featured in Disney’s ‘Return to Oz’ (1985).

Name Your Chickens to Stay Organized

Not only is it fun to name your chickens, especially if they all have certain characteristics that set them apart from one another, but it’s also a good way to keep track of your flock over the years.
You can always use leg bands to identify your chickens and write down their corresponding names in a logbook of sorts. This can help if you want to see how old your chickens are down the road, or who has dropped in production. Sure, you could just number your chickens instead of naming them, but what’s the fun in that?
Organizing information about illnesses, breeding, and injuries can also help you keep track of your chickens over the years. And if they all have fun, memorable names, it’s easier to discuss your chickens with farmworkers, spouses, and others that care for your flock.
While some may argue that naming chickens creates an attachment, I’d argue that it just helps you maintain your flock and appreciate each bird individually.

147 Chicken Names: Summary

Naming your chickens is a fun thing to do, especially if you have kids.

Children can come up with some amazing chicken names.

As you can see, you can stick to a theme or just ‘freewheel’ with the names you choose.

Some of my birds are named, some aren’t – I think the ones who have the most character are the easiest to name, such as my Ms. Crabby.

She came by her name by being crabby to everyone for the first two or three years of her life.

She is now seven years old and has mellowed considerably, but still answers to Ms. Crabby!

We have given you some suggestions here and a lot of ideas for your birds’ names.

Enjoy and have some fun – and don’t forget to let us know the names of your hens and roosters in the comments section below…

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63 thoughts on “Chicken Names: Best List of Names for Your Flock

  1. My older 2 Barred Rocks are Pickles and Olive
    The next 4 are named after fabric:
    Poly and Ester, Gabby (Gabardine) and Roy (corduroy -we thought she might be a rooster at first )

  2. Anyone read Little Women? I recently bought 4 hens so called them after the 4 girls in this famous book; Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy.

  3. What a fun article! Here are the names of our 4 feathered friends:
    Curious Georgia
    I love having these girls! They have more personality than you would think chickens would have. They come running and flapping when they’re called, they don’t mind being petted, they put my dog in her place, they follow me like I’m a mamma hen, and always go back to their coop when it’s time. Plus I just love their various sounds. They are so much fun!

    1. My three original girls are Geoff, Clarky and Bunty-Mare.
      Recent additions are Geoff Two, Lidl, BBB (Big Beautiful Bird), and? Sadly, Poorly Speckle passed last month. All rescued birds.
      LOVE these creatures x

    2. my chickens names are chanel sunshine daisy penni oh girl henny lo ,stella blake pricess laya and lemon

  4. My favorite hen is now gone but she had the most precious personality and my daughter named her Diana Ross because she wanted to be a Diva. Some other names we’ve loved through the years where Cinnamon, Red and Big Mama. Love naming the hens!!!

  5. 1 1/2 years ago I got my first chickens after 50 years off the farm. initially I was going to just band them with letters A-F, but my grand daughter named a brown one Fluffy, because she was super soft. Since then, they have become Alpha, Bite Me (not just what she does, but it’s her attitude), Candy (sweeeeeeeet), Dorie (little bit looney), Ellie (my complainer. She reminds me of my grand daughter’s cousin and never shuts up). Ellie also follows me around the coop talking to me as I do my chores. After chores, I sit on a tree stump and dole out treats. Who knew chickens could be such fun?

  6. It took me a long time to pick these names. It’s not easy to name a chicken! My 2 Rhode Island Reds are Pheobe & Trixie, Plymouth rocks are Petunia & Blossom, Americanas are Tallulah & Annabelle and my black Jersey Giant is Gigi. ? ?

  7. Mine are named for my favourite British authors: Jane (Austen), Anne, Emily and Charlotte (Bronte), Virginia (Woolf), Penelope (FitzGerald) and Monica (Dickens). Jane is a Plymouth Rock, but hasn’t turned out as sweet-tempered as I’d hoped.

  8. Collectively I call the ladies “My Little Angels”. Individually the two EE are called Big Mama (after the owl in The Fox and Hound) and Bossy (based on their behavior as 2 days old) Our two Rhode Island’s were first called Trouble 1 and Trouble 2, they out grew the trouble maker stage and are now known as Sweet Caroline and Desiree – my favorite Neil Diamond songs. Finally the two New Hampshires are Little Miss Sunshine and Little Girl, these two are quite the proper ladies.

  9. I adopted a Blue Andalusian rooster – gorgeous boy, who already had the name “Esteban” and it suited him. (they were originally bred in Spain)

  10. I love your post! Thank you for all the great ideas! Here are ours, although some have passed away:
    Rooster: Marty Poopins
    Mary Poopins
    Aunt Jemima
    Dirty Birdie
    Katy Pecky (aka Katy Piggy and My Piggy)
    Mrs. Pickles (aka Sweetie)
    Mother Clucker
    Donkey Kong

  11. Our Rooster is Billy
    Hens are Missy, Cheeky, Precious, Zoe, Jenny, Mandy & Melissa
    Guinea Fowl are Molly & Polly

  12. We and the grandkids had lots of fun naming our chickens:
    Henrietta (might turn into Henry or supper yet)
    Mary Poopins
    Toby (he definitely is a rooster)

  13. My road island red Roosters names are Mr Noodle & George Our hens are Lady , Millie and Grumpy There off spring are not named as of yet .But thank you for some good names

  14. I have had 5 hens and one rooster.. My roosters name was Coco. My hens are Chilli, Chutney, Tuppence, Cheddar & Pepsi. They are a big part of our family, all have their own personality.

  15. Thank you, this artical was a delightful start to the day.
    We hatched an impressive (in size and colour) rooster that we named Goldie. However, his 4 white sisters were a challenge… until one morning my husband took them down our basement and they emerged with “tail doos” created with swipes of acrylic paint … they became Pinky, Bluie, Greenie and Yellow. Regular “tail doo” appointments have been continued for of 4 years.

  16. Gen 1: Audrey Henburn, Feather Flocklear, Typhoid Mary (not sick, just broody), Nando and the Rockettes. – Adults
    Gen 2: Jan, LadyHawk, Olive, Jo, Grace, Cuddlebum, Maggie. – 4 months old
    Gen 3: Little Roo (and girls TBD). – 2.5 months old
    Gen 4: Baby Roo (and girls TBD). – 5 weeks old
    Good fun.

  17. As a child I had a turkey called Polly, several years later I had a gentle little white hen called Marth. Much later I got two Isa Browns called Toot and Carmen, when Toot died we got a friend for Carmen we called Sunny, calm ‘n sunny, it made us smile. Now we have a rooster called Reuben and the girls are Joanna and Suzanna, no one can tell them apart, Speckles and Freckles, both Speckled Sussex and a White Sussex called Priscilla

  18. Rooster Cogburn, Shelly,(thick shell eggs) Janice(Joplin, she’s blue), Becky(Red, after my Momma),Hawk, she is wild looking and a personality matches. She will jump on most other hens if I pet them, she will set in my lap for some love for a long time. Therapeutic Chickens.

    1. Jeff Piper thank you for your service and sacrifice. I am a retired cop pts anxiety depression. Chicken sutra is amazing therapy for me as well. Take care.

  19. I named a several of my chickens after storybook hens, like Henrieta, and HennyPenny, (She’s gorgeous!) My favorite chicken I named Artful Dodger after Charles Dicken’s pickpocket in Oliver because she is super sneaky, and very nice. I also have a Griselda, Myrtle and Maude.

  20. with 5 roosters ( jersey giants) and my love for Sam Elliott, one is Sam the other Elliott. then I have Cpt. Jack Sparrow, Elvis, Pete’s Dragon

  21. I have 20 hens. They all have names. My favorites are the Barred Rocks Barbie and Rocky. They are extremely friendly. Plus 3 Australorps Amy, Penny and Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory. Our favorite show.

  22. Our first chickens ever. We got them as 1 day old chicks, now 18 wks old. My grandchildren, my daughter & myself named them. 2 Rhode Island Reds: Orange & Lofty, 2 Wyandotts: Raspberry & Bubblegum. 2 Plymouth Barred Rocks: Kiwi & Hey-Hey. They are lots of fun & they are all hens….

  23. Here are my girls names.
    Lulu and Sally
    Sweet pea and kit Kat
    Janis Joplin
    Laverne and Shirley
    Mary and Jane
    Sunny and Cher
    Stevie Nick’s and Dixie

  24. Some of our chicken names are: The Thompson Twins, Trixie and Dixie [pair of silkies], Philbee- silkie roo, Sophie and Penelope [d’uccles] Martha- my favorite Orpington, Buffy- bantam Easter egger, George- my huge Bielfelder roo, Louis- Isbar roo, Tony- my bantam cochin roo that rules ALL my roosters. Perry-Bantam Brahma, Carol-Brahama, Snowball-white cochin, Butterball-buff cochin, Wookie-partridge cochin, Dot-Wyandott, Leggy-legborn, Belle and Bella cream legbars, Mama Cita-Spanish, Edith and Bette- bantam gold lace cochins, Lola-she’s a showgirl silkie, Okay so I have 50 birds and most have names.

  25. me my mum and dad have got a hen each my dads is suzy for she is a sussex my mums is netty she likes playing in nettles and is a french blue and mine is a belguim brown and is called annemarie after my auntie who got me obsessed with chickens

  26. Rooster names we’ve used- Joseph (coat of many colors) Roofus ( imaging him on a roof top) Caruso what a voice!!

  27. we had a rooster named max but hes getting old and we got a new rooster recently and we don’t know what to call him, please give suggestions.

  28. My hens are Rosie, Reba, Ruby, Louise, Road Runner. My rooster is Rudy. I now have a beautiful rooster but don’t have a name yet. He is so pretty.

  29. I just got my 4 chicks 2 weeks ago. 2 Australorps and 2 giant glue Cochins. My australorps are Black Betty and Big Bertha and my Cochins are GG (Gray Girl) and Gracie (Gray C(hicken) lol

  30. Hi.
    Chantecler was a rooster character from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales written 550 yearrs ago . His favourite hen was called Pertelotte.
    So I have a hen called
    Then 3 rock chicks –
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Alice Cooper
    Eggy Pop.
    And a cockrel called
    Eddie Cockran.

  31. I have 1 rooster, 3 hens and 4 chicks.
    the rooster’s name is Fate,
    the Hen’s names are Chabala, Chileshe and Faith,
    the chick’s names are Domino, Pearl, Rainbow and Seth

  32. we have about 20 chickens only have names for 3 of them four chickens have randomly showed up on our property and kinda hung around nobody around us has chickens here are the names then the breeds:
    rooster: vanilla, Americana
    rooster: Crazy chicken, ? (he was a random show up and he is crazy)
    hen: crooked ( she has a messed up beak but gets along fine)
    looking for a good name for a golden laced polish chicken any ideas?

  33. We have 13 chickens! (7 are less than a month old)
    Their names are:
    Mother Clucker
    Pine Needle
    We still need to name one! Any suggestions?!

  34. Black Turkey ( Naked Neck) is Betty. She is the Queen and listens better than the dogs. Our white Americana is Wilma, Olive Egger is Beatrice and she can be a real B. Then 2 bantams named Sam and Froto. I think they are Cochins- they have feathered feet- Sam is the Rooster and Froto is the hen. Our additions this year are two Orpingtons – Buff is Sunshine and Black is pebbles (grandchildren gave me the names and I had to find birds to match). Leghorn is Legs of course. Two Delaware’s Della and Devan- both are hens. Currently they are all molting and Froto is brooding on a ceramic egg. 😢 We are working on her.

  35. Mrs Douglas on “Green Acres” had several chickens, one she named Henrietta. I forget the rest.
    When I was six I had a hen named Feathers.

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