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6 Best Poultry Crates

With so many poultry crates on the market, choosing something that will work for you can be confusing and overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’ve dug through all the options, and we’ll present the best ones we found to be useful, durable, and a good value. Let’s talk about them. What is a Poultry Crate? A poultry […]

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Do Chickens Pee? How Do Chickens Pee?

Chickens eliminate their waste, urine, and feces in excreta.  This excreta exits the body via the cloaca.  So do chickens pee?  Technically, no.  But how does this work?  And why do chickens excrete this excreta (usually called poop) so often?  Let’s talk about it. How Does the Chicken Digestive System Work?  When you give your […]

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Can Chickens Eat Pineapples?

Pineapples are very sweet treats, especially for chickens, and because of this, your flock will love this fruit as a treat. Chickens can eat pineapples but should not be given to the flock in excess, and I’ll explain why in-depth, below.  Will Chickens Want to Eat Pineapples?  Yes, the inside of a pineapple has that […]

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Can Duck Breeds Mix?

If you’re wondering if duck breeds can comingle, the answer is generally a yes, but with a few exceptions, which we will get into below.  Whether you’re thinking about breeding your favorite ducks together to make the perfect flock of new ducklings or you’re toying with the idea of creating your very own new breed […]

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Buying A Duck: Top 10 Reasons You Should

Buying a duck is a big commitment, even if you only buy a handful of these adorable little creatures. Taking on the responsibility of caring for another life should never be entered into lightly. Before opening your wallet, you must KNOW that you have the time, space, and money to care for the ducks year-round […]

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Guideline for Goat Illnesses: Causes, Cures & Prevention

Are you wondering how to cure goat illnesses? Unfortunately, there are several types of illnesses to which goats are vulnerable. Many people believe that goats are resilient animals, but this isn’t always the case. Even though they have a natural ability to fight off illness and disease, sometimes there is nothing we can do but […]

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Goat Meat and Raising Goats for Meat

Many people think of goats as cute little animals that live in the barnyard and eat hay. In reality, goats are versatile creatures that you can use for various purposes on a small farm. This includes raising goats for meat. If you’re thinking about adding goat meat to your farmstead diet or just curious about […]

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Hens Need Calcium – There’s No Ifs, Ands, or Buts About It!

What makes hens need calcium? A lack of calcium can lead to weakened eggshells, which means the eggs are more likely to be broken during transport. In addition, a lack of calcium will weaken bones and make breaking them easier. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this happening because you […]

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How To Cure Goat Dandruff

Walking into your barn to see shedding, itchy goats with patchy dry skin and white flakes of dandruff can be shocking and upsetting to see.  But don’t panic just yet! Dandruff is a relatively common issue that may be nothing at all, or it could be the precursor or symptom of a larger underlying issue. […]

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Diarrhea in Baby Goats

Have you experienced seeing your baby goat with a wet bottom and filthy diarrhea-splattered ground? Diarrhea in baby goats is a symptom of another issue, so it’s important to rule out potential issues and find the root of the problem. That way, it can be mitigated quickly. Time is of the essence especially when it […]

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