7 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Chickens

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Chickens

Many people get chickens thinking they are cute, easy to look after and do not require a great deal of maintenance.

After all, how much upkeep can a chicken require?

Unfortunately, this rosy outlook puts a lot of chickens into shelters, on the streets or killed because they did not meet the owners’ expectations.

If you are looking at getting chickens but are not 100% sure, then this article is for you.

We have compiled… [Read More]

How I Use Herbs in My Coop and Why You Should Too

How I Use Herbs in My Coop and Why You Should Too Blog Cover

Using herbs in your coop can not only make it smell nicer, but it can also provide medicinal and protective benefits for your chickens.

Today, we are going to look at some of the herbs that are most useful in and around your flock for their health and wellness.

I have chosen herbs that are easy to grow or find and simple to use- I have deliberately stayed away from tinctures and decoctions which can… [Read More]

7 Things You Must Prepare Before Your Chicks Arrive

7 Things You Must Prepare Before Your Chicks Arrive Blog Cover

The time is approaching- your chicks are going to be delivered soon, but are you totally prepared?

It may seem like you have everything, but if it’s your first time there’s a good chance you may have missed something.

You don’t want to be running round like a headless chicken when they arrive, so it’s best to double check everything now.

We have compiled a check list for you of the 7 most important… [Read More]

When Will My Chicken Start Laying Eggs?

When Will My Chicken Start Laying Eggs Blog Cover

The excitement of buying chicks is usually only surpassed by the arrival of that first egg!

While you are caring for them as chicks, there is much to do and think about. It isn’t until they become ungainly ‘teenagers’, eating us out of house and home, that our thoughts turn to the question- when will they lay?

You have steered them carefully through the brooder stage, they have feathered out by 12 weeks or so… [Read More]

The Miracle of Chickens’ Feathers

The Miracle of Chickens Feathers Blog Cover

All birds are covered to a greater or lesser extent with feathers. We really don’t think about the amazing ability of this simple structure too much.

The very first birds, Archaeopteryx, were huge terrifying beasts. They are one of the first known appearances of the feather, enabling this dinosaur to fly! Several others dinosaurs also had rudimentary feathering.

We are going to take a closer look at this marvel of engineering… [Read More]