Are You Prepared For Chicken Trouble? How to Create a Backup Plan

Are You Prepared For Chicken Trouble Blog Cover

Today we are going to look at a few of the problems and issues that can come with caring for chickens.

Of course, these issues don’t arise solely for chickens, but for any livestock you are caring for- even pets.

Your animals and birds rely on you to feed, water and house them so it’s impossible to just ‘drop the ball’ and ignore their welfare.

However sometimes emergencies arise and you need to make sure you… [Read More]

6 Easy Ways to Break a Broody Hen

6 Easy Ways to Break a Broody Hen Blog Cover

I have to smile at this article since I currently have two hens that are determined to be broody!

Fortunately for us Northern chicken keepers, broodiness is pretty much confined to the summer months.

Broody hens can mean trouble for your flock and egg supply! To make matters worse, broodiness can often spread throughout your flock, so you need to ‘break’ broody hens as quickly as possible.

So let’s get straight to giving you… [Read More]

Why Raising Chickens Is Much Easier Than You Think!

Why Raising Chickens Is Much Easier Than You Think Blog Cover

Did you ever want to get chickens, but thought it was too much trouble? Did the thought of housing them, feeding them and cleaning the coop put you off!?

There is no denying that there is some work attached to keeping chickens, but it’s nowhere near as bad as you think!

Once you have your coop set up and the ladies have moved in, you can begin to organize your routine.

Having a set routine will… [Read More]

5 Beginner Hens That Lay Lots of Eggs

5 Beginner Hens That Lay Lots of Eggs Blog Cover

So you have decided you want hens.

You have been leafing through catalogs, trawling the internet and buying magazines that feature chickens and visiting farm stores almost daily- it has become an obsession!

But the big question remains… which breed to choose?

There are so many different breeds out there. There are chickens that are eye candy, plain ones, speckled ones, birds large and small.

Some are docile and friendly, others can be flighty… [Read More]

How to Raise Chickens with No Land

Raising Chickens with No Land Blog Cover

Lots of people want to keep chickens but they live in the city or suburban areas with small backyards. They think they can’t raise chickens because they don’t have enough space!

Keeping chickens when you have a small or no yard is a bit tricky, but can be done with a good deal of planning and forethought.

Whilst typically the more room chickens have the better- there are always ways to get around having a small… [Read More]