14 Black Chicken Breeds You Can Easily Raise

Our color theme for this article is black chicken breeds! There are some gorgeous ‘Goth’ chickens out there, so we decided to showcase some for your pleasure. The majority of these chickens can be found quite easily on hatchery sites or even private sellers. There are, of course, several more black breeds, but they are […]

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Ayam Cemani: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More

Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani has certainly had people talking excitedly about it over the last few years. It is a total blackbird – inside and out, so as you can imagine, it has been associated with the Dark Arts, especially in its’ own country of Indonesia. At the current time, they remain a pretty rare bird […]

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Black Chicken Eggs

black chicken eggs

You may have seen the beautiful black chicken eggs circulating the internet alongside a strikingly gorgeous all-black chicken and wonder, “Where can I get one?” Ebony-colored chicken eggs in your basket, on your social media feed, and of course, as a hard-boiled egg on the counter are the things chicken-lovers dream about. And, I hate […]

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