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10 Best Chicken Show Breeds (And Why They’re a Keeper!)

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If you’re here wondering what are the best chicken show breeds to keep, this article has got you covered. But just a short story… My husband and I attended our local Fall Fair years before keeping chickens. There, in a stuffy, converted shack, is where the Show Birds were held. We’d walk through the isles […]

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Miniature Chickens

miniature chicken

Miniature horses, miniature pigs, miniature chickens? Yes, there really are miniature chickens, though they aren’t just a novelty, flash-in-the-pan, type of tiny animal. They’ve actually been around for quite a while, and they have a name: Bantams. And yes, you’ll be thrilled to hear they come in all different kinds of chicken breeds, many of […]

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14 Black Chicken Breeds You Can Easily Raise

Ayam Cemani black chicken breed

Our color theme for this article is black chicken breeds! There are some gorgeous ‘Goth’ chickens out there, so we decided to showcase some for your pleasure. The majority of these chickens can be found quite easily on hatchery sites or even private sellers. There are, of course, several more black breeds, but they are […]

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Lap Chicken Breeds

lap chicken

Are you interested in raising lap chickens? If so, you’ll want to consider some of these top lap chicken breeds. Pets are an excellent addition to any home. They provide companionship, comfort, and entertainment. There are lots of different animals that make good pets.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds are some of the most popular. […]

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The Ultimate Guide on the Silkie Chicken

silkie chicken

The Silkie chicken has been called fluff-balls, aliens from another world, teddy bears, and many other things in between. Without a doubt, they certainly are unusual-looking chickens! Their strange appearance, friendliness, and mothering skills are surely what endears them to many folks. Today we are going to discover the history behind this unusual breed of […]

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