Leghorn Chicken: All You Need To Know

Leghorn Chicken- All You Need To Know

Do you remember Foghorn Leghorn? He was the cartoon rooster loved by thousands of kids who watched the Looney Tunes on TV. He is probably the best-known Leghorn chicken in the world! Originally these beautiful birds were called Italians, but it was changed over the years to Leghorns. This article will explain Leghorn’s history, temperament, […]

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Brown Leghorn: Egg Laying, Broodiness, and Temperament

The Brown Leghorn is a favorite of the poultry industry because she is such a hard working girl! If you have the space, some of these girls would certainly keep you in eggs very nicely – read on to find out more about these ‘Italians’. Although we are talking about the brown Leghorns here, there […]

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