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Best Chicken Breeds for White Eggs

Can You Determine Eggshell Color Based On Chicken Earlobes?

Are you looking to start your own backyard chicken coop but don’t know which breed to choose? Then look no further!

Today, we will be talking about the best breeds of chickens for white eggs.

Whether you’re a farm enthusiast or just looking for an egg-cellent addition to your family, this blog post has all the information you need.

Let’s dive in!

Difference Between White and Brown Chicken Eggs

If you’ve ever been to the supermarket and seen brown eggs in one aisle and white eggs in another, you may have asked yourself this age-old question.

Is there a difference between white and brown chicken eggs beyond the obvious color? Yes…but also no.

The short answer is that different breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs.

While some chickens lay white eggs, others lay brown ones. In some cases, a single breed of chicken can even produce both colors depending on their diet or age.

For example, Rhode Island Reds typically lay brown eggs, but if they are fed a certain kind of diet, there have been rare occasions in which they will lay white ones!

On the other hand, Easter Eggers are known to lay either green or blue eggs but can sometimes surprise us by laying pink or purple ones too!

Aside from appearance, the main difference between white and brown eggs is nutritionally speaking. Nutritionally speaking, there is no difference at all between white and brown eggs!

That’s right—the only difference between these two types of chicken eggs lies in their exterior shell color.

In terms of taste, however, many people think that it’s easier to taste the difference between white versus brown egg whites than yolks.

Some people say that brown egg whites are slightly more flavorful than white egg whites, while others cannot tell any real difference at all.

As for yolks, most people agree that there’s no noticeable difference in flavor between them whatsoever.

Ultimately, you’d have to do a blind taste test to really know for sure—for the most part, there’s little difference between the two types, and it all comes down to how the chickens that laid the eggs were raised.

19 Best Chicken Breeds for White Eggs

We’ve all heard of the age-old debate between white eggs and brown eggs. But what about the chickens behind those eggs?

When it comes to white eggs, which chicken is best for achieving that perfect eggshell hue?

Roaming Leghorn Chickens

White Leghorn

The White Leghorn is an old breed of chicken with origins in Italy. It’s a small bird with a short rounded body and a full tail.

It’s also known for its strong and efficient egg production, laying as many as 250 white eggs per year!

These birds also have gentle personalities, making them easy to handle and ideal for backyards or homesteads alike.

Polish - best chicken breeds for hobby farm


The Polish chicken is another popular choice when it comes to producing white eggs.

This breed has an unusual appearance, characterized by its large crest of feathers atop its head and beak. This crest can often be so large that it obscures the bird’s vision!

Despite this handicap, Polish hens are prolific layers of white eggs; some even produce up to 280 per year!

They are also known for their calm personalities, making them great pets as well as egg producers.

Ancona Chicken Breed


If you’re looking for a hardy and productive breed of chicken to raise that lays mostly white-colored eggs, look no further than the Ancona.

Not only are they excellent layers, but they are also low maintenance and can acclimate to different types of climates.

The breed is characterized by its speckled black and white feathers with bold markings around the face and neck area.

It has a large body size, making it an ideal dual-purpose breed for both egg-laying and meat production.

Anconas remain active throughout the day and will reward you with a steady supply of high-quality eggs with beautiful white shells.

They are easy to handle, so you don’t need to be an experienced breeder in order to enjoy their eggs or even train them as show birds in formal competitions.

Cute chickens- Hamburg


If you are looking to make white eggs a staple on your breakfast table, the Hamburg chicken might be the best choice for you.

Not only is their egg size large, but the texture of their shells is also hard-wearing, making them ideal for a family setting.

In addition to being great for laying eggs, Hamburgs are known to require minimal maintenance and a healthy diet.

They can also handle cold temperatures better than other chickens, making them great if you live in an area with slightly colder climates.

Andalusian Chicken


The Andalusian chicken is a popular choice for those looking for an easy-to-care-for breed that produces quality white eggs.

Not only are they a beautiful addition to any backyard, but they have a gentle disposition and can respond well to regular handling by both children and adults.

An Andalusian chicken can produce upwards of 300 large white eggs in its prime, so you can enjoy the spoils of your new feathered friends—delicious omelets, anyone?



The Minorca breed of chicken is one of the most popular for raising if your goal is to produce white eggs.

These beautiful birds have a stunning black and white patterned plumage that stands out among other breeds. They are known to be hardy, productive, curious, and friendly—making them ideal in almost any backyard chicken setting.

Their lifelong commitment to laying eggs makes them a wonderful choice if adding a dozen or more eggs per week is on your list of must-haves!

People have enjoyed raising this breed since the late 18th century, but they have become especially prevalent in recent years as urban farming has become more popular throughout the United States and beyond.

With their dark eyes and calm temperament, these gentle giants really make the perfect pets for anyone wanting fresh eggs daily.

california white chicken

California White

This is a dual-purpose breed that was developed in California. This breed is known for its hardiness, strong egg production, and excellent meat production.

California Whites lay large white eggs that are often described as having a creamy consistency.

california grey chicken

California Grey

The California Grey is another dual-purpose breed developed in California during the same period as the California White.

They are known for their docile personalities and their ability to lay an abundance of large white eggs.

The California Grey is also considered an excellent meat bird due to its moderate growth rate and meat-to-bone ratio.

sicilian buttercup hens

Sicilian Buttercup

The Sicilian Buttercup is an ancient Mediterranean breed that is prized for its rich flavor and tender texture.

This breed produces medium to large white eggs but is not recommended for novice keepers due to their skittish nature and difficulty breeding them in captivity.

This bird has a reputation for being one of the best layers when kept under ideal conditions, however, with up to 320 eggs per year!

La Fleche Chicken rarest chicken breeds

La Fleche

The La Fleche produces large, white eggs with a thick shell, and its average production rate is about three eggs every week.

In addition to its egg-laying capabilities, the La Fleche is highly sought after for its dark blue-feathered crest headdress and exceptional longevity if taken care of properly.

appenzeller chicken ornamental chicken breeds

Appenzeller Spitzhaubens

The Appenzeller Spitzhaubens is the ideal chicken to keep if you’re looking for white eggs.

These docile chickens are incredibly hardy and have very good foraging ability, meaning that you can keep them in a flock without worrying about needing to provide them with additional feed.

That being said, these birds are also very active, which demands plenty of space for them to roam around and scratch about.

Their egg production is consistent, too—large quantities of high-quality white eggs once your Spitzhaubens have matured.

White Faced Black Spanish chicken

White Faced Black Spanish

The White-Faced Black Spanish is a wonderfully reliable egg-laying chicken.

As their name implies, they have white faces and striking black feathers, and they produce large, white eggs.

This breed of chicken is thought to be over 500 years old and descended from an Iberian Merina from Southwestern Spain.

The White-Faced Black Spanish starts to lay eggs at 15 weeks, making them a great producer for backyard flocks.

They are also very hardy birds that can handle both hot and cold climates well and require minimal maintenance aside from some extra feed for cold winters.

They tend to be quite docile and rarely bad-tempered, making them ideal for first-time chicken owners and families with children who want to experience backyard chicken keeping.

campine chicken breed


The Campine chicken is a special breed that will bring joy to your backyard. It may look small and sleek, but surprisingly this breed can lay over 300 large white eggs each year!

They are excellent layers and provide a reliable source of protein for the entire family.

This breed has a quiet, docile temperament which makes them easy to handle and ideal for new poultry owners.

They are also well-suited to both outdoor and indoor housing environments, so you don’t have to worry about providing extensive space.

black hen sumatra


Sumatra chickens, native to Indonesia, are a popular choice for those looking to raise a flock of egg-laying birds.

These chickens have beautiful feathers that come in combinations of black, white, and brown making them quite the sight.

Sumatras have an energetic temperament, so although they may be a bit more high-strung than other breeds, they can still make wonderful companions.

Best chickens for broodiness- Silkie Bantam

White Silkie Bantam

If you’re looking to add a flock of chickens to your backyard and want white eggs, the White Silkie Bantam is an ideal bird.

Known for their fluffy appearance, these chickens are fairly low maintenance and make great family pets.

They are quiet and docile creatures that are known to be easy-going around children.

The White Silkie Bantam has a light production rate with an average of just a few eggs per week during peak season.

Catalana chicken


The Catalana is an ideal chicken for those looking to add white eggs to their homestead or backyard farm. It’s a dual-purpose bird, producing both meat and eggs in generous quantities.

They’re also a fairly hardy breed, friendly with people, and noted for having sturdy legs that can handle the uneven terrain sometimes found in these settings.

An added bonus is that they lay very few brown eggs, so it won’t be hard to differentiate between the white eggs from your Catalana chickens and those from other breeds.

holland chicken


Relatively cold-hardy and friendly, these medium-sized birds are the ideal choice for new farmers, who will appreciate their quiet and docile nature.

The hens of this breed tend to lay more than 250 white eggs each year, providing a steady supply of lightly colored shells. Plus, their eggs are known for bigger yolks and tastier flavor than other varieties!

egyptian Fayoumi chicken

Egyptian Fayoumi

If you’re a fan of white eggs, you’ll want to consider raising the Egyptian Fayoumi. This breed produces large white eggs with bright, yellow-orange yolks and is known for being prolific layers.

The eggs themselves have surprisingly thick shells that grant them excellent immunity against breakage, making them perfect for homesteaders or even urban farmers who may not be able to collect their eggs as frequently as large traditional flocks.

They are also relatively docile birds that are easy to handle, making them a great choice for beginner farmers or those who prefer smaller flocks.

With rapid feathering and good performance in both heat and cold temperatures, the Fayoumi is a winning choice for any egg producer looking for quality.

Lakenvelder chicken


The Lakenvelder chicken is one of the best breeds for those seeking a good egg-laying bird.

These birds are known for their reliable production of large white eggs, making them a great option for those who prize furiosity and color-coordinated egg baskets.

The average hen can produce up to 250 eggs annually, so you’re likely to enjoy fresh daily omelets or scrambled eggs all year round!

Unlike some other chickens that require specialized care, the Lakenvelder is also quite hardy in various climates and terrains.

They typically don’t require much attention aside from access to food and water, making them an ideal choice for busy homesteaders everywhere.

What Chicken Lays Jumbo White Eggs?

If you’ve ever been to the grocery store and seen large white eggs sitting in their cartons, you may have asked yourself, “what type of chicken lays these jumbo-sized eggs?”

Well, wonder no more! The answer is White Leghorns.

White Leghorns lay larger than average eggs because they have been specifically bred to do so.

For example, if two chickens with the same genetics were raised differently—one was given a nutrient-rich diet while the other was not—the one with the better diet would tend to lay larger eggs than its counterpart.

This is due to the fact that when chickens consume more nutrients, those extra nutrients get converted into bigger eggs.

Chicken Breeds for White Eggs: Final Thoughts

No matter which breed of chicken you choose, it will undoubtedly bring joy (and delicious breakfast foods) into your life!

From Leghorns to Polish chickens, any of these breeds would make a wonderful addition to your backyard flock.

With proper care and feeding, these chickens will provide you with plenty of nutritious white eggs throughout the year—so why not give them a try?

We hope this blog was helpful in guiding your decision-making process toward choosing the best chicken breed for white eggs. Have fun on your egg-hunting journey. Happy hatching!

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