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Best Goat Breeds for Homesteading

best goat breeds for homesteading

Nowadays, people want to live feasibly to obtain food and produce goods on their own. Because of this, more people tend to acquire a homestead and do livestock.

Homesteaders make the most out of their acreage as they raise their own meat and dairy products. Some would even raise crops alongside livestock to support and take care of the household.

One of the common animals on a homestead is the goat. These are very versatile animals that offer multiple benefits for farmers and their businesses.

Homesteading goats can give you a good source of profit. Some of the top goat breeds provide the needed resources while still excelling at being pet goats.

If you want to start homesteading with goats, there are many options for you to choose from depending on the purpose of raising them.

There are dual-purpose goats that can provide both milk and meat.

There are also milk goat breeds that are primarily raised only for their dairy. Whatever your purpose is, read more in this article for the best goat breeds for homesteading.

Best Goat Breeds for Homesteading

Are you looking for the top goat breeds for your homestead? There are plenty of good options in the market, but the choice is still up to you.

Most farmers maximize their profits by getting the best goats for milk and meat. With these dual-purpose goat breeds, they can produce various dairy products while selling the goat’s meat.

In other cases, homesteads would prefer the best goats breeds for milk since the benefits are inevitably wide-ranging.

If you look into the best goats for cheese, they have milk that is thicker and creamier.

Other goat owners would simply choose the top goat breeds for companionship. Aside from having these goat breeds for milk and meat, they can be excellent pets.

alpine goat as best goat breeds for milk

Goat’s Milk: Why You Should Get The Best Dairy Goat Breeds

Goats are a remarkable source of high-quality milk. Goat milk has less amount of lactose and is a great substitute for those who are sensitive and cannot tolerate cow dairy.

A goat’s milk has finer fat molecules than cow’s milk, making it easier for humans to digest. The smaller the globules, the easier for the body to assimilate.

Some milk goat breeds are quite sensitive, and their milk production can decrease due to the changes in their environment.

They need a well-ventilated shelter that has accessible water and goat fences to keep predators out.

Best Goat Breeds for Milk

Milking your goat can be a tedious yet fulfilling task. But before you get to that, you need to make sure that you have the best dairy goat breeds.

That way, you can guarantee the quality and supply of your goat milk. Here are the best goat breeds for milk:

  1. Alpines

They are a medium to a large-sized breed of domestic goat known for their good milking ability.

They are recognized for giving large quantities of high-quality milk for drinking and cheddar, making them one of the best goats for cheese.

Originated in the alps of France and Switzerland, these heavy milkers tend to do well in cold climates.

Their milk can be made into butter, soap, and any other dairy products that are normally made from cow’s milk.

Being one of the best goat breeds for homesteading, they are also popularly used for commercial dairy production.

Alpine milk is high in nutritional aspects making it a much healthier option.

  1. Nigerian Dwarf

As the name implies, they are the smallest among the milk goat breeds. Despite their size, they can produce sufficient, high-butter-fat milk.

This miniature breed originated in West Africa. This means that they can tolerate hot, dry climates but can also adapt to cold weather by growing a thick wool coat.

They are also great homesteading goats in an urban environment. Originally bred for show and as a companion animal.

The US Department of Agriculture has approved this breed of livestock dairy goat for producing milk primarily known for its mild taste and creamy consistency.

The Nigerian goat is also one of the dual-purpose goat breeds. They can supply a sufficient amount of meat but due to their small size, farmers are better off getting profit from their milk.

  1. La Mancha

These hardy, large animals are high-yield milkers. They are bred to produce large amounts of nutritious milk that has a lower amount of cholesterol than cow’s milk.

This breed is developed in the United States but has been thought to have descended from Spanish goats brought by early settlers in California.

Among the best dairy goat breeds, they are popular mainly for their tolerance and high adaptability to various environments and tough climatic conditions.

saanen goats as best dairy goat breeds

  1. Saanens

They are high-quality milk producers distributed worldwide. Although they offer abundant production in the goat milk market, this Swiss breed’s milk is lower in butterfat percentage.

They are very docile animals which is why they are called ‘gentle giants’ among the goat breeds for homesteading.

Saanens perform best in cooler conditions due to their sensitivity to excessive sunlight.

Alpine and Saanen are two of the best goat breeds for milk by volume and have become very popular in many countries.

Still, you’d be surprised that Saanens are also dual-purpose goats producing consistent, quality meat.

  1. Toggenburg

This is another dairy goat breed that has originated in Switzerland. This sturdy and vigorous breed is least suited in tropical conditions.

Being one of the oldest milk goat breeds, Toggenburg goats are moderate milkers with minimum protein content and relatively low in butterfat percentage.

Because of this, they are not as popular or in-demand compared to other dairy goat breeds.

  1. Oberhasli

This is a medium-sized goat that produces less milk than the other breeds but has higher butterfat content. Its fine milk is sweet-tasting and somehow similar to the taste of cow’s milk.

It originated in the Swiss Alps but was brought over to the United States in the 1900s.

Despite its gentle but strong disposition, the Oberhasli breed is known as the quietest of all goats.

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boer goat - best goats for meat

Goat’s Meat: Why Choose the Top Goat Breeds for Meat

The best goat breeds for homesteading are those you can raise for meat production as well.

They deliver a notable amount of meat as a great source of nutrition for human consumption.

When homesteading goats, you can expect versatility, a high growth rate, and fertility among meat goat breeds.

So, it’s no surprise that goats have made their mark in the meat industry.

By choosing the best goats for meat, you will enjoy a range of benefits that can be part of a healthy diet, such as:

  • Low cholesterol
  • Low-fat content·
  • A good source of protein ·
  • Rich in minerals like iron, potassium, and calcium

Best Goats for Meat

One of the major reasons for homesteading with goats is having a good source of protein. Here is a list of the best goat breeds for homesteading, primarily for their meat:

  1. Boer

Bred in South Africa, Boer goats are known for their fast growth rate and superior body shape.

Probably the best goats for meat in the United States, these large-framed animals are healthy and docile making them easy to raise and handle.

Boer goats are a part of the dual-purpose goat breeds. They are moderate milkers, but this ability is often outshined by their massive meat content.

They are also known for their rapid fertility rates which is why most farmers consider them as the best goat breeds for homesteading, especially for meat profit.

Boer goats are highly adaptable and can thrive under extensive conditions in hot, dry environments.

  1. Spanish

These medium-sized goats came originally from Spain brought by explorers to the United States via Mexico.

They were kept mainly for clearing brush and other unwanted vegetative growth from pasture lands until the demand for goat meat has expanded.

They are moderate not only in size but also in growth rate but believed to be tolerant of internal parasites. Also, the Spanish goat breed rarely suffers from any health issues.

  1. Tennessee

This breed is commonly referred to as the ‘fainting goats’ due to their genetic disorder.

Tennessee goats suffer from myotonia congenita which causes them to go rigid and faint after getting surprised or frightened.

This fainting goat is one of the indigenous goat breeds in the United States. They are very bulky and muscular making them the best goats for meat.

  1. Kiko

This breed was developed in New Zealand to exclusively produce lean meat. It can resist natural parasites and usually survives under poor conditions and warm climates.

The Kiko goat is widely appreciated for its ability to grow fast and sustain itself with minimal supplement.

So if you are looking for top goat breeds with less supervision but yield good meat, the Kiko goat ought to be your first choice.

  1. Rangeland

This is an Australian breed and is considered one of the best goats for meat.

The Rangeland goats are hot-climate hardy so there’s no need to worry about raising them in a tropical environment.

Sometimes, farmers want to get the most meat from their goats so they cross-breed the Rangeland with Boer goats which are also one of the best goat breeds for homesteading.

They are able to produce massive meaty goats as a result.

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nubian goats as dual purpose goat breeds

Dual Purpose Goats: The Best Goats for Milk and Meat

Why choose top goat breeds for a single purpose when you can have the best dual-purpose goats?

After all, homesteading goats can be very profitable and beneficial when you choose the right kind of goat.

Successful homesteading with goats often starts with the farmer’s choice of breed type.

To help you choose among dual-purpose goat breeds, here is a list of the best goats for milk and meat:

  1. Nubians

These are fairly huge goats that originated in England from cross-breeding British goats to those imported from India, the Middle East, and Africa.

Although not a heavy milk producer, they produce the highest butterfat content of the large dairy breeds.

Still one of the best dairy goat breeds, their milk is preferred by most for its creamy, sweet, and rich flavor.

On the other hand, some producers have been raising Nubians in the goat meat production sector.

They can be the best goats for meat as they boast a hefty, lean set of muscles and flesh. At the same time, they are able to produce a half-gallon of milk each day.

  1. Kinder

They are compact, well-muscled goats from breeding Pygmy to Nubians. Because of this, the Kinder goat is able to excel in both milk and meat production.

Their sweet and creamy flavored milk is claimed to have one of the highest butterfat percentages, making them one of the best goats for cheese.

Their milk is suitable for making cheese, butter, yogurt, soap, ice cream, and lotion.

Even though they are only in moderate size, they have an excellent meat-to-bone ratio. So, if you are getting this as one of the goat breeds for homesteading, you have made a great choice.

  1. Pygmy

This is a heavily muscled goat widely adored for its short stature. Originated in West Africa, this dwarf is kept mostly as a pet but has the potential for meat with its compact body.

Mainly raised as companion animals, they are popularly known as exhibition animals and are widely found in zoos.

Their sociability, intelligence, and resilience make a good impression on visitors who pet them.

The Pygmy nanny goat can produce milk as much as Nubians do. Despite its miniature size, it has earned its way as one of the best goats for milk and meat.

  1. Black Bengal

This goat is considered the best breed in terms of meat quality and taste. Originated in Bangladesh, it is in demand in both local and international markets for its tight body structure.

As one of the dual-purpose goat breeds, the Black Bengal have high fertility rates.

They can produce twins or triplets about twice a year, positively affecting their milk production.

best goat breeds for homesteading

Why Start Homesteading Goats?

Goats are domesticated species commonly kept as livestock. They are primarily used for their meat and for producing dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese.

These animals need smaller spaces compared to what cows need.

By choosing the best goat breeds for homesteading, you don’t have to worry much about raising them.

There are milk goat breeds that can provide a large amount of dairy for consumption and product-making. You can also opt for the best goats for meat if you want an additional source of protein and profit.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can raise goat breeds for milk and meat.

Homesteading goats can be a fulfilling experience that will serve not only you but also your livestock.

Best Goat Breeds for Homesteading – Final Thoughts

Homesteading with goats can pose multiple responsibilities depending on the breed type you’re raising.

For instance, you can choose the best goat breeds for milk if your farm is primarily focusing on dairy products.

You can have the best goats for meat in your homestead if you want to sell this lean, red meat in the market.

Most farmers want to get the most out of their livestock by choosing dual-purpose goats.

Either way, successful homesteading with goats can start with the right choice of breed. Selecting the best goat breeds for homesteading can be the first big step!

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Best Goat Breeds for Homesteading

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