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13 Ways How to Make Money Raising Goats

how to make money raising goats

Are you planning on raising goats for profit? At first, you might question yourself: how to make money raising goats?

Raising livestock is not an easy task, but the results can be very fulfilling when done right. Many farmers would choose goat farming for profit because of its many uses and benefits.

In this article, you will learn how to make money with goats. Keep in mind that there are many things to consider when selling goats for profit. 

The goat industry is growing and becoming more popular. Raising your goats right will surely put you ahead in the goat farming profit business.

This list on making money from goat farming is the most common way you can earn from your goats. However, you can always get creative with more research in the market.

How to Make Money Raising Goats

Goats are common livestock raised for profits because of their many uses. Aside from getting meat and milk, you’d be surprised at how making money with goats can be broad and exciting. 

1. Brush Removal

Goats are a great natural and effective way to remove brush. Renting your goat for brush removal is like a dream come true for them!

When you rent goats for brush removal, it would be like you’re paying your goats to eat. People are tasked to clear out your lawn, but having goats can undoubtedly speed up the work. 

Goats love a brush buffet. If you are making money with goats, renting this livestock makes a good profit. 

The number of goats will depend on the size of the project. Some herders even have portable fencing to round up the goats and work on the area. 

goat milk as making money from goats

2. Milk and Cheese for Goat Farming Profit

Goat milk has more calories and fat compared to cow’s milk. It’s also rich in protein with the same amount of calcium. 

If you are looking for ways how to make money raising goats, then having them for their milk can be very profitable. You can use their milk for dairy products and cheese.

One popular goat milk is alpine, and the demand for this type is increasing. You can have as many as 15 varieties for goat farming profit when it comes to cheese.

Best Goat Breeds that Produce Milk

If you are raising goats for profit, you can get the most out of their milk. Here are the goat milk breeds:

Saanen goat. The most profitable type of dairy goat

Alpine goat. A heavy milker with high yield and popularity

Nubian goat. The best dairy breed for home consumption or to make cheese

Toggenburg goat. A moderate milker and don’t give out much milk like others 

How Much Is The Price of Milk

A goat farmer can earn $8 to $12 per gallon. The most profitable dairy goat breed is the Saanen, in which you can profit up to $36 per day. 

So, if you’re asking how much money can you make raising goats, selling their milk can give you a good profit. You can even maximize the goat farming profit if you have many dairy goats that can consistently produce gallons per day.

However, raising goats for profit out of their milk is not as easy as it sounds. The milking equipment is expensive, and the milking process is very time-consuming.

Your goats need to be milked every 12 hours. The dairy from your goats should also need to be licensed, giving you one more thing to worry about before being able to sell their milk.

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3. Goat Meat for Profit

Raising goats for profits is ideal for most farmers, especially if they are selling their meat. It’s a booming business that sometimes farmers can’t keep up with the demand.

Goats have leaner and healthier meat compared to other types. There are also specific ethnic communities like Hispanics and Muslims that prefer goat meat as their source of protein.

If you’re looking at making money with goats, sell them for their meat! You can raise them until butchering age and sell them as a whole or in cuts.

Best Goat Breeds for Meat 

The most popular goat breed for meat is the Boer goat. It’s a large and lean goat breed that weighs 200 to 300 pounds.

If you want to get a higher goat farming profit, you can choose the Black Bengal goat. It is considered the highest quality of goat meat with the best taste

Making money with goats becomes profitable if you start selling their meat. With the proper care and feeding, you can earn from any of these meat goats:

  • Boer goat
  • Black Bengal goat
  • Fainting goat
  • Nubian goat
  • Kiko goat
  • Kalahari Red goat
  • Rangeland goat
  • Sirohi goat
  • Verata goat
  • Spanish goat

How Much is Goat Meat Sold For 

Goats that are grass-fed tend to be more expensive. So, if you want to know how to make money with meat goats, the most essential thing you can do is to feed them grass.

How much money can you make raising goats? In the United States, the price per pound for a grass-fed goat is $20, depending on the cut and demand in your area.

Buyers can get their goat meat cheaper if they buy the whole goat. If you sell them in cuts, you can put a higher price for premium chops for up to $22 per pound.

For instance, you have a grass-fed goat that weighs 40 pounds. You can earn as much as $880 for a single goat. However, it would help if you also considered other costs like processing fees and transportation.

soap making from goat milk from raising goats for profit

4. Create Goat Milk Soap and Conduct Soap-Making Classes

Please make use of excess milk and create a soap out of it. Many people prefer hand-crafted organic soap, so why not start making one add to your goat farming profit?

You can learn how to make soap and get artistic with unique designs. Some farmers sell these goat milk soaps in festivals, local fairs, and even online.

Once you have the skill and knowledge in soap-making, you can have your classes. This way, you teach people how to make soap, but you can also sell goat milk for this purpose.

5. Sell Goat Fiber 

Another way how to make money from goat farming is their fiber. Certain breeds produce fiber to make cashmere. 

Angora goats are a popular breed for mohair and cashmere, which is quite popular in the clothing industry. You can easily extract fiber from your goats and start selling to companies that clean and process them. 

Fiber can be cut or combed from live goats. You can continue making money with goat fiber when you have a herd that is not due for slaughter.

If you’re finding more ways to make a profit raising goats, their fiber opens multiple income streams. It can be spun into yarn and turned into other handmade-related products.

6. Goat Farming for Agri-Tourism 

Are you looking for unconventional ways of raising goats for profit? How about opening your farm to tourists?

People from the city would be amazed and thrilled to see actual farm animals. It would be like a petting zoo where tourists pay a fee to feed and brush the goats themselves.

You can also conduct an educational field trip for students. You can open your farm to special events like birthday parties in other cases.

milking goats to raise goat farming profit

7. Goat Care Services

Are goats profitable to raise? Yes, and they happen to offer multiple income streams for most farmers.

One way to make money with goats is to provide care services. Some farmers need experts to care for and look after their goats when they’re out of town.

You can also offer grooming services, especially if the herd becomes a handful for other farmers. Some of the tasks you can get paid for are hoof trimming, disbudding, and checking fecal samples.

8. Education on Goat Farming for Profit

If you have earned enough skills and knowledge about raising goats, then it’s about time to monetize your expertise. The world is getting more digitalized, and the goat farming industry shouldn’t be left behind.

Goat farmers even have an advantage with this specific and less congested niche. If you want to know how to make money raising goats, you can provide valuable information on the internet.

You can start giving the basics and tips for raising goats. You can later grow your online income streams with ebooks about goats, commissions, and product selling.

9. Selling Goats for Profit

You can start selling goats for profit directly to buyers. In this case, you can sell the whole baby goat or adult. 

The price of baby goats will start at $50, but registered ones can cost up to $500. As for adult goats, it would depend on their condition, breed, and the demand in your area. 

An average goat can cost from $500 to $2000+. You get the most out of your goat farming profit if you are selling a pregnant doe.

After all, you will be selling goats for profit along with their potential babies and their source of milk. If the goat proves to have good genetics, you can even make some extra cash out of it.

breed goat to make money from goat farming

10. Breed Goats

Choose male adult goats that have quality genetics. The buyer can bring their doe to your farm and let them do what they have to do.

Knowing how to make money from goat farming by charging a stud fee is not exactly lucrative. Still, you can earn as much as $50 to $75 for the stud fee.

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11. Rent your Goats for Photoshoots

Who doesn’t love to see adorable goat photos on their calendar? If you are looking for a unique way to make a profit raising goats, you can rent them out to professional photographers!

You can get creative and do the photoshoot yourself. With a few good shots of your baby goats, you can start making yourself a calendar that you can sell in stores and online.

12. Herd Sharing

This is a program where buyers purchase a “share” in a goat farm. That way, they can get a certain amount of milk without paying for it upfront. 

Farmers don’t need to have a license to conduct this program. However, it pays to check the local laws about it.

13. Sell Goatskin and Its Products

You’d be surprised that selling goat skin online is a lucrative way to make money raising goats.

Goats have durable, softer skins compared to cows. They would make sumptuous leather and other related products.

Farmers either sell the raw goat skin directly to buyers or create a product out of them and sell it instead. Either way, you can earn as much as $65 a piece, depending on the quality and color.

how to make money with goats

Common Questions Asked About Making Money with Goats

Are goats profitable to raise? If so, why aren’t they as popular as cows and pigs?

Making money with goats can be profitable, given that you utilize them in multiple income streams. They are not as popular as other red meat livestock, but their demand is undoubtedly increasing.

If you are still hesitating about raising goats for profits, here are a few answers to the questions that may have been lingering in your mind:

Are Goats Profitable to Raise?

Even in a small farm venture, raising goats for profit is very beneficial. In the United States, there is a high demand for goat meat, chevon. 

Unfortunately, the goat farming industry is still trying to meet this demand. If you are a farmer looking for ways to make money from goat farming, this is the perfect opportunity to step up your game and boost your profits. 

How Much Money Can I Make Raising Goats for Profit?

The possibilities are endless when you are raising goats for profit. This is because you can generate many income streams from a herd of goats.

You can start selling goats for profit, earning at least $500 each. At the same time, you can sell their milk and fiber and create other by-products from their various parts. 

How to Make Money Raising Goats – Final Thoughts

There are many ways how to make money raising goats. For starters, you can start selling goats for profit.

While goats are famous for their meat and milk, you can also create cheese, leather, and soap out of their raw materials. Making money with goats can be as diversified and wide-ranging as how you want it to be.

You can even opt for unconventional and more exciting ways to make money with goats, such as having a petting zoo, online shop, photoshoot, educational materials, and goat care services.

Whatever is your chosen income stream, you can start goat farming for profit only if you do it right. None of these would be possible without the proper care and feeding for your goats.

raising Goats definitive guide

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How to Make Money Raising Goats

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