Dried Mealworms: Should Your Chickens Eat Them?

Dried Mealworms Should Your Chickens Eat Them Blog Cover

Mealworms! Shake that packet and chickens come running from every corner of the yard. Chickens love dried mealworms, no doubt about it. But should you be feeding them to your flock? It really depends on the supplier. As always, higher quality ones are more expensive but in terms of your flock’s health it’s definitely worth […]

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Mealworms vs Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Mealworms have always been the go-to protein treat for chickens, but the black soldier fly larva is becoming more and more popular for many good reasons. Let’s see how they both stack up in comparison and which is best for your flock. The term ‘mealworm’ is really a misnomer. These little bits of wiggly beings […]

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