Wyandotte Chickens: Are They Right For Your Flock?

Wyandotte Chickens Are They Right For Your Flock Blog Cover

The Wyandotte is one of Americas’ favorite hens. Created in the North-Eastern US it is a firm favorite of many homesteaders for it reliability in producing eggs and meat. It has the distinction of being the first American breed specifically bred to be dual purpose. It is a beautifully marked heritage bird. Sadly, it fell […]

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Chicken Feeders 101: What’s Best for Your Flock?

Chicken Feeders 101 What’s Best For Your Flock Blog Cover

Chickens aren’t fussy when it comes to feeding time. They really couldn’t care less if you dumped their food on the ground, they would still eat and make a lot of mess while doing it! We supply our flock with feeders so that waste can be minimized, food is kept clean and fresh and we […]

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Chicken Waterer: Which Type Does Your Flock Need?

Chicken Waterer Which Type Does Your Flock Need

Chicken waterers, or drinkers, come in a dizzying variety of types, shapes and sizes. For the first-time chicken keeper it can be surprisingly overwhelming. Our objective today is to help you understand which type your flock needs. In this article we will cover the basics of a drinker, before we go into the detail on […]

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Chicken Heat Stroke and 7 Shade Ideas for Your Flock

Chicken Heat Stroke and 7 Shade Ideas for Your Flock Blog Cover

The temperature here has reached a blazing ninety one Fahrenheit in the Northeast, with oppressive humidity to match. It’s almost impossible to go outside without wilting. Chickens cannot sweat like us, so hot weather can be seriously problematic for them. Whilst they can acclimate to hot climates pretty well, they do not do well in […]

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Top Winter Predators: How To Keep Your Flock Safe

7 Deadly Winter Predators How to Stop Them

Winter can be a very difficult time for everyone- especially wild animals. It is a time when food is scarce and the weather is bitterly cold, making finding food difficult and dangerous. Unfortunately, not many predators sleep through the winter months, only bears truly hibernate. Raccoons, possums and foxes will hunker down and stay in […]

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Homemade DIY Flock Block For Chickens Recipe

Homemade DIY Flock Block For Chickens Recipe Cover Image

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that my hens get spoilt and have lots of snacks. I’ve even written about their favorite 9 healthy snacks and table scraps! However, one of their absolute favorite snacks is flock block. During this time of year, flock blocks are fantastic. My hens love to […]

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