Chapter Five: Chickens Molting During Winter

Chapter Five All You Need To Know About Chickens Molting

In the fifth chapter of The Definitive Guide To Keeping Chickens In Winter, we look at molting.

So, you opened up the hen house in the morning and thought it was a crime scene from CSI. Feathers strewn around the floor in heaps…you think the worst!

A predator killed the girls, but no, they are all calmly perched on their roosts chirping away to themselves. What happened??

The molt has started.

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Results: The Annual Backyard Chicken Blog Awards 2015

Results- Annual Backyard Chicken Blog Awards of 2015

As many of you who read this blog will know, two weeks ago we started The Annual Backyard Chicken Blog Awards of 2015.

You have been voting in your thousands and last Monday (6th July) the voting lines were closed.

Before we get to the results I want to thank everybody who turned up and voted for their favourite backyard chicken blog.

Now let’s take a look at the results and announce the winners.

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