Top 6 Christmas Presents For Your Chickens

Top 6 Christmas Presents For Your Chickens Blog Cover

Yes it’s that time of year again! There are cards and presents to think about, lists to make, food to prepare and families to organize. It can be a frantic and expensive time of year.

Fortunately, your chickens won’t worry about a card or how much you spent on their presents- they are happy just to see you!

However, if your girls have treated you to lots of fresh eggs this year, or if you’re… [Read More]

How To Stop My Eggs From Freezing?

How To Stop My Eggs From Freezing Blog Cover

Once the temperature starts falling, we know it’s not going to be long before we are making several trips per day to the coop to collect eggs. There is only one thing worse than getting to the nest boxes and finding all the eggs frozen- and that is your chickens not laying eggs at all!

The wintertime can be grueling for your hens and only certain breeds copy well in this weather.

Frozen eggs… [Read More]

How To Prevent Frostbite During Winter?

During these cold winter months, your girls have a lot more to worry about than lack of daylight! One of the biggest problems which can occur is frostbite.

It was Ben Franklin that said ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’. He may not have been talking about chickens at the time, but he was certainly right when it comes to frostbite!

The prevention of frostbite is relatively simple and will… [Read More]

Biosecurity and Keeping Rodent Activity At A Minimum

All You Need To Know About Biosecurity Blog Post

Exactly what is biosecurity? It’s one of those words that gets’ thrown around a lot these days, but many people are still unsure exactly what it means.

Biosecurity is a set of preventative measures put into place to prevent transmission of diseases/infections to your chickens. In its basic form, it is a set of safeguards to protect you and your flock from external diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

If it sounds a… [Read More]

7 Chicken Breeds That Do Well in Cold Climates

7 Chicken Breeds That Do Well in Cold Climates Blog Cover

The winter weather here in upstate New York during the winter can be brutal, and certain breeds of chicken just don’t survive here.

It’s crucial that when you’re considering which breed of chicken to get, you take into account your local climate in addition to the bird’s natural climate.

A mismatch of the two can prove a deadly combination!

For instance a breed like Minorcas will do great in hot climates but would desperately struggle… [Read More]