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Top 15 Cutest Chicken Breeds

cutest chicken breed

Are you searching for the cutest chicken breeds to add to your chicken flock? If you’re looking for ornamental birds with outstanding beauty, you came to the right place!

We curated a list of cute breeds of chickens you’ll adore. But beauty isn’t the only thing you must consider when choosing a new breed.  

So, in this list, we included:

  • The temperament of each breed to help you figure out if you can handle them
  • Pros and cons of every chicken
  • A little overview of each breed

Whether you just want to feed your curiosity about cute fluffy chickens or you’re looking for potential addition to your ornamental bird collection, you’ll get to discover unique breeds in this article.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

TOP 15 cutest breed infographics

15 Cutest Chicken Breeds

Here are our fifteen top picks of the cutest chicken breeds you can ever find.

Cutest chicken breeds -White Silkie

1. Silkie Chicken

Species Overview

Average size: Hens: 8 to 14 inches
Roosters: 8 to 14 inches
Weight: Hens: 1.5 to 3 pounds
Roosters: 2 to 4 pounds
Egg color: Cream and tinted
Available colors: White, black silkie, blue, buff, partridge, and splash

Personality and Temperament of The Cutest Chicken Breed

Silkie chickens are affectionate and calm fluff balls we can’t help but adore! The cutest chicken breed on this list dresses up in different plumages, such as white, black silkie, buff, blue, partridge, and splash. 

Some poultry enthusiasts regard silkie hens as the ideal organic incubator. If given a chance, silkie hens will happily nurture other chicken’s young chicks as well. 

They’re kind, friendly, and docile. Sadly, that makes them vulnerable to bullying too!

These cute chickens can’t fly and are easily contained by modest fencing. Usually, if they are allowed unrestricted access, they cause little to no harm to the garden.

In the summer, the hens cease to lay eggs. Since their feathers are not waterproof, Silkie chickens should be kept in dry areas. 

The breed can make excellent pets, especially for young children. They are quite tolerant of the cold and adapt well to captivity.


  • Friendly and calm make them a good pet
  • Have fluffy and furry feathers
  • Excellent mothering skills and nurturing nature
  • Easily kept even in low fencing or in apartments
  • Can tolerate cold and adapt well


  • It can’t be kept outside 
  • Poor egg layers
  • Vulnerable to many predators
  • Not good at producing meat if kept in the backyard
  • Can be bullied by others

cute fluffy chickens- Pekin 

2. Pekin 

Species Overview

Average size: Hens: 20 to 25 cm
Roosters: 25 to 30 cm
Weight: Hens: 570 grams
Roosters: 680 grams
Egg color: Cream or tinted or very light brown
Available colors: Black, white, lavender, blue

Personality and Temperament

Sitting at the second spot on our cutest chicken breed list is the Pekins. These cute chickens are beginner-friendly and simple to handle. They won’t cause you too many problems.

The Pekin chicken is known for having demure, calm, and docile temperaments. Therefore, they make wonderful pets. 

If there are treats, they’d be more than pleased to receive some and enjoy extra gentle, loving care.

Little youngsters could easily be attracted to them due to their beautiful plumage and friendliness. Your young children can even embrace the Pekin chicken because it has built quite a reputation for being kind and serene. 

So, you can allow them to play together if your child is not very rough. However, they drink lots of water, so they poop more frequently.


  • It can be a great pet because of its gentle personality
  • Beginner friendly, calm, and docile 
  • Have adorable appearance
  • An excellent companion for other chickens


  • Not the best egg layer
  • Frequently poop
  • Can be noisy
  • Drink more water

Cutest chicken breeds- Sebright

3. Sebright

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 20 ounces or 570 grams
Roosters: 22 ounces or 620 grams
Egg color: White or light brown
Available colors: Silver, gold

Personality and Temperament

Now we’re down to the third cutest chicken breed that looks straight out of a drawing book — the Sebright.

Sebright chickens are good flyers despite their diminutive size, thanks to their large wings that help them fly higher.

These cute chickens are energetic, sociable, and friendly. Because of their flying ability, owners prefer to confine them rather than set them free.

Sebright roosters are not aggressive, so they can be kept even when your kids are around.

Their size makes them not good for meat production or even laying eggs. So, they’re only suitable for ornamental purposes.

However, they need proper care to protect them from Marek’s disease, mainly caused by the herpes virus.


  • Active, friendly, and loves to socialize
  • Cute, intelligent, and faithful pet bird breed
  • Have good food hunting skills
  • Can do well in trees around them
  • Tolerates confinement


  • Not good for meat and egg production
  • Susceptible to disease
  • Can be noisy
  • Skittish when feeling frightened

Cutest chicken breeds-Orpington

4. Orpington

Species Overview

Weight: Hens:8 lbs
Roosters: 10 lbs
Egg color: Light brown
Available colors: Black, blue, white

Personality and Temperament

This cute chicken breed is a staple in shows due to its minimalist yet elegant feathering.

Orpingtons appear gigantic because of their massive height and scant feathering. This huge but endearing breed of chicken has thicker feathering than other varieties, which helps them tolerate cold weather.

They have a broad body with a hunched-over posture, heaviness, and fluffy plumage that gives them a gigantic appearance.

Additionally, the Orpingtons feature a single medium-sized comb in their tiny head, a curved outline, a shorter rear, and a U-shaped accent.

This cute breed of chicken is gentle and docile and reaches maturity earlier. Orpingtons make great backyard poultry and are friendly with kids.


  • Good egg layers and excellent for meat production
  • Tolerates cold weather 
  • Friendly and docile
  • Good company even for kids
  • Not prone to any diseases


  • Vulnerable to bullying from other flock members
  • Can’t handle heat weather
  • Not very knowledgeable about predators
  • Big eater
  • Requires big spaces or room

Cutest chicken breeds- Belgian d'Uccle

5. Belgian d’Uccle (Mille Fleur)

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 2.3 pounds
Roosters: 1.6 pounds
Egg color: White and tinted
Available colors: Mille Fleur, Golden Neck, White, Black, Porcelain, Mottled, and Lavender

Personality and Temperament

The name of this breed in French translates to “a thousand flowers,” and it fits the bird! The dazzling orange to rich brown plumage of Belgian d’Uccles dotted with black and white spots seem like flower petals glued into chicken feathers. 

This cute chicken breed is peaceful, polite, and docile breeds and cute chickens. 

But the roosters will scream as loudly as they can when the females are laying an egg. It’s not a big deal unless you have a chatty chicken, which is rare.

The flock of d’Uccles, though, is very peaceful. However, bantams are prone to bullying. So, it’s best to separate them from the rest of the flock. 


  • Easy to keep because of their pretty, friendly, and calm personality
  • Gender can be identified earlier than other breeds
  • Very handy even for kids
  • Can be kept in confinement


  • Poor egg layers
  • Lacking in the meat department
  • Can fly even tall fences 
  • Can be bullied by others bigger than them

Cute chicken breeds- Frizzle chicken

6. Frizzle Chicken

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 6 lbs
Roosters: 8 lbs
Egg color: Cream or tinted
Available colors: Buff, black, brown, white, and cuckoo

Personality and Temperament

And now, we’re onto the most distinct breed on this list, the Frizzle chickens! These adorable chickens boast curled or frizzled plumage.

Their feathers curl outward rather than lying flat like most chickens. But their chicks appear typical feathered birds when they emerge from the shell.

Frizzles may look strange at first, but don’t freak out when you see them in person! They’re friendly, charming, lovable, and do well in most conditions.

These hardy birds develop quickly and make outstanding egg layers. Frizzle chickens produce medium-sized white or colored eggs and are frequently broody.

These cute birds are frequently considered display chickens, but they can serve as a dual-purpose breed that can produce meat and eggs. 

On top of that, Frizzle chickens can also easily withstand captivity. 


  • Excellent egg layers
  • Good for meat and egg production
  • Can tolerate confinement
  • Have adorable curl feathers


  • Can be chill in the winter season
  • Easily bullied by other breeds
  • Prone to predators

Chickens cute Speckled Sussex

7. Speckled Sussex

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 6.5 to 7 lbs
Roosters: 9 lbs
Egg color: Pale brown or tinted or cream
Available colors: Brown, buff, coronation, light, red, silver, speckled and white

Personality and Temperament

If you think Belgian d’Uccle is the cutest chicken breed, wait until you meet the Speckled Sussex. These birds can compete with the d’Uccles in beauty, but their advantage is their size!

They have established an excellent reputation as a dual-purpose breed.

Speckled Sussex chickens are also calm, docile, and friendly like the other chickens.

If they believe you have some goodies for them, they will approach you around the yard and converse with you.

They’re naturally curious, rarely cause trouble, and are incredibly resourceful and hardy birds.

Speckled Sussex can tolerate both confinement and backyard range. They’re good hunters because they love to remove the pests in your plants.

However, because of their easygoing personality, they can be easily bullied by other breeds bigger than them.


  • Excellent egg layers even in the winter months
  • Good pet birds even for children
  • Easy to keep in confinement
  • Not susceptible to flightiness and diseases
  • Good pest hunters


  • Prone to predators
  • Can be bullied
  • Can be noisy

cute fluffy chickens- Brahma chicken

8. Brahma Chicken

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 9.9 lbs 
Roosters: 12 lbs
Egg color: Brown 
Available colors: Dark, light, buff, black and white

Personality and Temperament

This list of cutest chicken breeds isn’t complete without the Brahmas, also known as the King of chicken.

These cute fluffy chickens are kind, non-aggressive birds, despite their giant size.

They can be highly intimidating to a child, but they’re known as gentle giants due to their endearing personalities. 

Brahma chickens are easy to handle, friendly, and docile.

This type of bird is quite simple to contain because they do not fly well. Aside from having a good tolerance for captivity, they also excel at foraging!

Since they have heavy feathering, they can survive chilly areas. In fact, they thrive in areas with moist, cool temperatures and typically dry soil.

But they’re susceptible to scaly leg mites. So, you should avoid placing their dwelling quarters in wet, marshy, or muddy regions.


  • Not aggressive, so they’re perfect pets for children
  • Friendly, gentle, and peaceful bird
  • Large chickens make good meat


  • Eat twice more compared to the other breed
  • Susceptible to parasites
  • Takes longer to mature

Cute chickens- Polish

9. Polish Chicken

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 2.75 kg or 4 to 5 lbs
Roosters: 2 kg or 6 lbs
Egg color: White 
Available colors: Non-bearded white crested black, golden,  silver, white, bearded golden,  silver, white, buff laced, non-bearded buff laced, non-bearded white crested blue

Personality and Temperament

This cute chicken breed looks similar to Sebright but with a twist. It boasts a crown of frizzled head feathers that distinguishes it from Sebright.

Like the other cute chicken breeds, the polish has a good disposition. They also have gentle and calm personalities, which makes also good pets.

You can anticipate a curious chicken who occasionally succumbs to their curiosity.

Some strains are prone to becoming flighty and tense. However, this is usually caused by their head feathers, which can significantly impair their vision.

You should talk, whistle, or sing as you get close to a flock of Polish chickens to avoid startling and sending them into a frenzy.

Sadly, they’re also prone to persistent agony and lose many of their forehead feathers from continuous plucking.


  • Good companion even for kids
  • Low maintenance, which suits beginners
  • Can tolerate heat
  • Handy and kind


  • Their vision can be impaired because of their head feathers
  • Not good for meat
  • It can be noisy, especially when angry

Cute chickens- Phoenix

10. Phoenix Chicken

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 4 pounds
Roosters: 5.5 pounds
Egg color: Cream or tinted and sometimes white
Available colors: Black, white, silver, golden, golden duckwing, silver duckwing, light brown

Personality and Temperament

Sitting on the tenth spot in our list of the cutest chicken breeds is the long-tailed chicken breed — the Phoenix.

These cute chickens which are of Japanese descent, are incredibly docile and easy to manage. But they have a shy and amiable demeanor. 

On the brighter side, Phoenix chickens can develop into animals that make good companions if handled at an early age.

However, because of their exceptionally long tails, they need extra care to maintain healthy tail feathers. The birds should be placed on high roosts like parrots to retain these long tails. 

This cute chicken breed is active, and they’re good foragers that thrive in a free-range environment.

The Phoenix chickens regularly become broody and lay small to medium-sized cream or tinted colored eggs. Their hens make good mothers as well.


  • An amazing long-tailed chicken
  • Good ornamental pet bird
  • Great animal companion
  • Good foragers


  • Poor egg layers
  • Can be skittish
  • Not an ideal for meat production

Chickens cute breed- Plymouth Rock

11. Plymouth Rock

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 6.5 lbs
Roosters: 7.5 lbs
Egg color: Brown 
Available colors: Blue, black, white

Personality and Temperament

Now, it’s time to meet the cute chicken breed clothed with black and white bars — the Plymouth Rock.

These birds often maintain a positive environment and avoid conflict with the other hens in their flock. 

The White Plymouth Rock or any rare breed variants are also known for being docile.

Plymouth Rocks are generally regarded as a friendly breed that brings joy to their owners. Compared to other chickens, they typically interact with people more.

Owners report that these birds frequently follow their humans, possibly in quest of a treat or some extra food. An adventurous chicken, Plymouth Rock likes to explore new places.


  • Good egg layer and meat product
  • An adaptable chicken breed
  • Friendly to humans and animals
  • Tolerates cold climates


  • Can bully other small chickens
  • Can be flighty
  • Susceptible to predators
  • Not so smart

Cute breeds of chickens- Cochin

12. Cochin

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 9 pounds
Roosters: 11 pounds
Egg color: Brown
Available colors: Barred, Birchen, Black, Blue, Brown, Brown Red, Buff, Buff Columbian, Columbian, Golden Laced, Lemon Blue, Mottled, Partridge, Red, Silver Laced, Splash, White

Personality and Temperament

Now, it’s time to meet another cute fluffy chicken with dense feathering and amiable personality you’ll fall in love with — the Cochin. 

These birds are friendly and receptive to cuddling. They’re like a dog with feathers, and they love spending time with their owner.

Cochin roosters take dad duties seriously and make exceptional parents. 

They’re easy to domesticate and might feel more at home in your house than in your chicken coop. Cochin chickens don’t have the same wandering tendencies or scratch as much as other breeds. 

They only lay one egg per week, but they’re cold-hardy, and Cochins don’t mind being confined. 


  • They are gentle giants
  • Cold weather tolerant
  • Perfect for backyard or confinement


  • Can be bullied by others
  • Can’t tolerate heat
  • Poor egg layers

Cute breeds of chickens- Araucana

13. Araucana

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 5.5 lbs
Roosters: 6.5 lbs
Egg color: Blue or light blue
Available colors: Black, red, silver duck wing, white, and golden duck wing

Personality and Temperament

Did you know that Araucana was the breed responsible for the blue egg craze? These cute chicken breeds lay blue eggs that are as elegant as their looks.

So, they deserve to be mentioned on this cutest chicken breeds list.

According to some Enthusiasts, this Araucana chicken is among the friendliest birds. But others vouch for the rumpless birds’ nervousness and flightiness.

Those who dedicate their lives to the breed talk of their affectionate interactions with their Araucanas. According to many breeders familiar with their birds, Araucanas are a fantastic chicken for kids to raise. 

Young Araucanas love to be handled and hugged, and birds who are handled frequently as they grow up tend to be kinder as adults. They are often the quiet birds in the flock.


  • Good layers of adorable blue eggs
  • One of the friendliest chickens
  • Great food hunter even on warmer days


  • Roosters can be aggressive
  • Can be flighty
  • If they become broody for too long, they’ll lose weight.

Cute chickens- Hamburg

14. Hamburg

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 1.6 to 1.8 kg
Roosters: 2 to 2.5 kg
Egg color: White 
Available colors: Silver-spangled, golden-penciled, silver-penciled, golden-spangled, and sometimes black and white

Personality and Temperament

When you see Hamburg chickens above, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Well, for us, it’s cookies and cream because it looks like it. These black and white spangled chickens are a visual treat that reminds us of it, but they’re not as sweet as ice creams.

They aren’t tamed or cuddly, and sweet Hamburg chickens are rare.

The hens are mainly used for ornamental and practical purposes. They are excellent white egg layers, sometimes called “Everyday Layers.” 

Hamburg chickens thrive in cold climates and are cold resilient.

These highly active and vigilant birds are excellent flyers and a great forager and economical, getting most of their food from foraging. 

But the breed can’t thrive in captivity. They require a vast range for grazing. 

The optimal conditions for raising Hamburg chicken are a free-range atmosphere and spacious coops.


  • Have a great dazzling display
  • Have contagious happiness 
  • It can be a good layer
  • Have an attractive black and white plumage


  • Do not tolerate confinement
  • Lay small eggs
  • Can be startled easily

Chickens cute- Easter egger

15. Easter Eggers

Species Overview

Weight: Hens: 4-8 pounds
Roosters: 4-8 pounds
Egg color: Blue, sometimes green, olive, or pink
Available colors: White, black, brown

Personality and Temperament

Finally, we’re wrapping up our list of the cutest chicken breeds with the Easter Egger.

Due to their reputation as being among the cuddliest chickens available, Easter Egger chickens are a very popular choice for animal farms or coops. 

They are quite easy to control because they don’t mind being picked up and like to be patted.

Easter Eggers might even approach someone to see what they’re doing. Some of them like to jump into their owner’s lap and give their humans a soft hug.

These birds are great for families with kids because they are amiable. Their curious, vivacious personalities make them a fascinating addition to a flock.


  • Great egg layers
  • Not broody
  • Friendly, docile, and loving chicken
  • Have adorable eggs
  • A great food hunter


  • Can sometimes suffer from scissor beak
  • Can sometimes be skittish
  • Escape artists or curiosity may succeed in overpowering them
  • Occasionally, lower on the food chain

Common Questions About the Cutest Chicken Breeds

Do you have questions about these adorable chicken breeds? Here are frequently asked questions and the best answers we’ve compiled so far.

What breed of chicken is the nicest?

Golden Campine, Easter Eggers, Partridge Silkie, Australorp, Golden-Laced Wyandotte, White Bantam Brahma, Speckled Sussex, and Golden-Laced Polish are some of the nicest chicken breeds. They’re friendly and docile and exhibit beautiful feathering and coloration.

What breed of chicken is the calmest?

The calmest chicken breeds include Cochin, Jersey giants, Brahmas, Silkie bantam, Barred rock, and Sussex.

Pearl Star Leghorn, Easter Egger, Orpington, and Australorps also make docile pets.

Are chickens cuddly?

Some chickens, especially the lap chicken breeds like Australorp, Barbu D’Uccles, Silie, Cochins, and Orpingtons, love to be held and cuddled.

In fact, cuddling is one of their favorite activities. But other breeds are aloof and don’t want to be touched.

What is the prettiest rooster?

Our top picks for the prettiest roosters are Brahma, Barbu D’Uccle, Welsummer, Langshan, Cochin, Buff Orpington, Java and Plymouth Rock, Sebright, and Polish.

What is a fancy chicken?

Fancy chicken breeds have exotic, rare, and unique appearances and can be shown at exhibitions and international chicken competitions.

But it must be recognized by chicken groups and have standards to be legit considered a breed.

What’s the most colorful chicken?

Ameraucana is one of the most colorful chicken breeds with cute faces and colors ranging from buff to blue and wheaten to lavender.

Mille Fleur d’Uccle, the Houdan chicken, La Fleche, and Russian Orloff are also worth mentioning because of their striking coloration.

Cutest Chicken Breeds: Final Thoughts

So, those are the cutest chicken breeds!

As you see, most of those breeds are friendly and docile. Each bird has its own beauty and charm.

But if you want an ornamental breed with a good egg-laying reputation, you should go with Orpingtons, Brahma, Frizzle, Plymouth Rock, and Easter Eggers.

If you’re looking for large fluff balls yet gentle giants, Brahma chickens and Cochin are the best options for you among the cutest chicken breeds on this list.

So, what’s your choice? Which among those cute fluffy chickens is your favorite?

Share with us your thoughts in our comment section below.

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