Poultry Processing Equipment (Everything You Need to Butcher Chickens)

poultry processing

So you’ve decided to raise and process your own meat chickens. You’ve done your research and know exactly how to raise the perfect broiler. Now you’re looking forward to poultry processing day.  It’s important to be prepared and have all the processing equipment ready before the butcher day arrives (and trust me, it sneaks up […]

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How to Feed Meat Chickens

feed meat chickens

We feed meat chickens is a little different than feeding a typical layer hen. Chickens bred to be efficient meat birds grow much faster than chickens intended to produce eggs, meaning they have different nutritional requirements.  A Cornish Cross, for example, is ready for processing in about 8-9 weeks, while a heritage breed like the […]

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Chicken Processing: Know When To Slaughter Your Chickens

chicken processing

It would be great to have a hard-and-fast rule for the exact day, weight, or age to slaughter a chicken. That kind of precision is nearly impossible due to the number of variables involved. In this article, I’ll go over the variables to consider when planning your chicken processing day so you’ll have the perfect […]

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How to Raise Organic Meat Chickens

One of the major perks of raising your chickens for meat is that you have a say in what goes into (or doesn’t ) go into raising your organic meat chickens.  When you control how you raise your own meat, you can make important decisions about how to care for them, how they will live, […]

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2020 Case Study: Growing Interest in Raising Chickens for Meat

chickens for meat

In recent years, the desire to raise meat chickens has increased. There are a few good reasons for this, but one of the most prominent reasons to know where one’s food comes from.  Others want to sell meat chickens for a profit, and then there are those who enjoy the security of knowing how to […]

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