Sussex Chicken: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More

An endearing and beloved hen, the Sussex breed has been with us for at least a couple of centuries now. It has been bred as a dual purpose hen, excelling at both.

It has an interesting history and has endured through the ups and downs of the poultry world fads.

The Sussex has enjoyed a steady, if not spectacular, success for many years now and is poised to increase its’ presence here in the US… [Read More]

Ayam Cemani: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More

Ayam Cemani Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More Blog Cover

The Ayam Cemani has certainly had people talking excitedly about it over the last few years.

It is a totally black bird – inside and out, so as you can imagine it has been associated with the Dark Arts especially in its’ own country of Indonesia.

At the current time they remain a pretty rare bird and are very hard to obtain (reputable US breeders are sold out until 2019!).

In this article we are… [Read More]

Bantam Chickens: Breeds, Egg Laying, Size and Care Guide

Bantam Chickens Breeds, Egg Laying, Size and Care Guide Blog Cover

Bantam Chickens are most suitable for small backyards where space is premium.

You can easily fit two bantams into the space required by one standard bird and since they like to fly, building up will accommodate them well.

They may be small but they are bursting with personality and happiness – of course, I may be biased since I do have a small flock of Barbu D’Uccles!

In the article below we will explain the… [Read More]

Black Copper Marans: Complete Breed Guide

Black Copper Marans Complete Breed Guide Feature Image

A hen that seems to be all the rage at the moment is the Black Copper Marans chicken. It’s a beautiful bird that lays very special, dark, chocolate colored eggs.

Although it has not been around that long (1900 or so), it has a history that is fraught with ups and downs and near extinction.

The Marans breed has several varieties, but the one that has captured most attention here in the US recently is… [Read More]

Australorp Chickens: Everything You Need To Know

Australorp Chickens A Comprehensive Care Guide Blog Cover

The Australorp is a fairly recent arrival on the chicken scene, but in it’s relatively short history it has made a huge impression on chicken keepers and the poultry industry the world over.

The name is a contraction of Australian black Orpington. The breed was called by several different names before Australorp was settled upon.

Since the major development of this breed was done in Australia, they are the honorary National bird of Australia.

In… [Read More]