My Hen Is Eating Their Own Eggs. How Do I Stop Them?

My Hen Is Eating Their Own Eggs Blog Cover

Egg eating in the coop can be a huge problem once it takes hold.

It’s a behavior that needs to be stopped quickly as other hens may decide to join in and that is a difficult thing to stop.

This is one of the last problems you want as a chicken keeper, because many of us raise chickens solely for the eggs!

In this article we’re going to take a look at why hens eat… [Read More]

Chicken Winter Boredom Busters! How to Keep Your Hens Happy During Winter

Chicken Winter Boredom Busters! How to Keep Your Hens Happy During Winter Blog Cover

The cold, gloomy days of winter are here and everyone can get bored, even chickens! Boredom leads to mischief such as feather picking, egg eating, squabbling and a miserable disposition.

We have put together some ideas for helping to relieve boredom for your flock and to help them to live together harmoniously throughout the winter months.

The number one cause of mischief is lack of space for everyone. We all need personal space, some… [Read More]

Are You Buying A Pullet or Hen? What’s The Difference and How to Spot It?

Are You Buying A Pullet or Hen Blog Cover

With spring just around the corner, many new and experienced chicken keepers will be venturing out to purchase new chicks for the first time or add more chicks to their existing flock.

Some of the most common jargons you will hear when buying new hens: is pullets, hens and point of lay.

If you are new to chickens, how do you know if you have bought a youngster or a ‘senior citiz-hen’? (sorry, couldn’t resist… [Read More]

Top Winter Predators: How To Keep Your Flock Safe

7 Deadly Winter Predators How to Stop Them

Winter can be a very difficult time for everyone- especially wild animals. It is a time when food is scarce and the weather is bitterly cold, making finding food difficult and dangerous.

Unfortunately, not many predators sleep through the winter months, only bears truly hibernate. Raccoons, possums and foxes will hunker down and stay in their dens until the worst of the weather has passed. Then they are out to hunt and they are hungry.

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All You Need To Know About Marek’s Disease

All You Need To Know About Marek’s Disease Blog Cover

Marek’s disease is an insidious disease that catches many keepers by surprise. Its effect on your flock can be devastating.

We’ve discussed Marek’s in the past, however there is much mis-information out there, so this article will clarify matters for you and your birds.

Many keepers are lucky enough to go a lifetime and never see this disease, even though it is very widespread. To find out if it is endemic in your area, call… [Read More]