When Will My Chicken Start Laying Eggs?

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The excitement of buying chicks is usually only surpassed by the arrival of that first egg!

While you are caring for them as chicks, there is much to do and think about. It isn’t until they become ungainly ‘teenagers’, eating us out of house and home, that our thoughts turn to the question- when will they lay?

You have steered them carefully through the brooder stage, they have feathered out by 12 weeks or so… [Read More]

How To Stop My Eggs From Freezing?

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Once the temperature starts falling, we know it’s not going to be long before we are making several trips per day to the coop to collect eggs. There is only one thing worse than getting to the nest boxes and finding all the eggs frozen- and that is your chickens not laying eggs at all!

The wintertime can be grueling for your hens and only certain breeds copy well in this weather.

Frozen eggs… [Read More]

How Chickens Make Eggs and 3 Common Egg Laying Problems

How Chickens Make Eggs and 3 Common Egg Laying Problems Blog Cover

An egg contains a phenomenal amount of nutrition for its size, but you already knew that right?

An average egg contains a mere 75 calories but gives you 7g protein, 5g fat and 1.5g of saturated fat. In addition it gives you vitamins A, D, B12, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, choline, carotenoids and cholesterol!

And as reported by Pennsylvania State University if you eat only pasture raised chicken eggs instead of generic supermarket… [Read More]

How Do I Make My Chicken Lay An Egg?

Most backyard chicken owners will agree that the single best part of keeping chickens is the walk down to the coop each morning to collect eggs.

I normally have anywhere from 8-10 fresh warm eggs waiting for me every morning and the family love eating them for breakfast!

But what do you do if your chickens aren’t laying eggs? How can you get your chickens to start laying eggs?

Unfortunately there is no way to… [Read More]